The British band  ‘Tindersticks’ begin a tour this week of six cities in Spain to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band. The itinerary of the tour will be as follows: on January 6, Logroño ( Actual Festival, Riojaforum ); on 7, San Sebastián ( Victoria Eugenia Teatro); on 10, Valencia ( La Rambleta ); on 11, Alicante ( Cycle Global Sounds, Culture Classroom Fundación Mediterráneo Alicante ); on 12, Murcia ( Cycle Global Sounds, Culture Room Fundación Mediterráneo Murcia ); and on 13, Madrid ( Inverfest, Circo Price Teatro).

It should be noted that at the Logroño concert they have sold out all the advance tickets. For this concert, they will have the support of the Rioja Filarmonía, and in compliance with Rioja legislation, 5 percent of the capacity will be put up for sale at the Riojaforum box office the same day of the concert.

‘Tindersticks’ have been called the contemporary equivalent (as a band) of  Scott Walker for the indie generation! They began their journey in 1991, two years before debuting discographically with “Tindersticks I”, an album in which they already showed many of the distinctive features that have marked their trajectory. Interesting arrangements and  the baritone voice of Stuart Staples, his distinctive  songs already had traces of Gainsbourg and Hazlewood too. A special frontman, a distinguished “crooner” for melancholic moments and backing him, skilled musicians with a collection of instruments that floated or cried -violins, chimes, trumpet, vibraphone, Hammond organ …

From the excellent chamber pop of their first three albums, received by critics with open arms, they began to approach soul with “Simple Pleasure” ( 1999 ) and “Can Our Love…” ( 2001 ), demonstrating to skeptics that they also knew how to keep the bar high when they lightened their luggage and that their style was not as static as once thought.

In 2005, when Staples started his solo career, there were rumours of a breakup. However, the band stayed united with their seventh album, “The Hungry Saw” ( 2008 ). In 2012, with “The Something Rain”, their ninth album ( seven film soundtracks, museum sound backgrounds and art installations, and live albums on the sidelines ), they again demonstated an unmistakable elegance. Three of its original members ( the aforementioned Staples plus Neil Fraser and David Boulter, along with bassist Dan McKinna and drummer Earl Harvin ) were the ones who recorded their tenth LP, “The Waiting Room “, which was published in January 2016, also reinforced with a solid visual project: a short film of each song, an initiative commissioned by various film directors.

That same quintet is behind the eleventh album, “ No Treasure But Hope ”, which went on sale in November 2019. A work that sheds new light on the central qualities of ‘Tindersticks’ rediscovering their virtues. Although no ‘Tindersticks’ album has been meaningless, these songs showed an intuitive warmth, exuberant melodies and an inquisitive spirit. Finally, in February 2021 its successor arrived, “ Distractions ”, a powerful and evocative work that speaks of its time in an urgent way and sounds like the beginning of a new chapter for this now legendary band…

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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January 10th

Location: La Rambleta ( auditorium )  (Valencia)
Date: January 10, 2023
Hours: Doors opening 20:30h /  Concerts start 21:30h
Price: General 35 € – 40 € + expenses / Box office 40 € – 45 €



Bulevar Sur, esq. calle Pío IX.
46017 Valencia
Tickets on sale: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a 14:00h and 2 hours before show


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