24/7 Valencia: What got you interested in Street Art and what are your objectives?

DAVID DE LIMÓN: The first thing about Graffiti and Street Art that caught my attention was the fact that you could present your drawings or ideas in a big way.  Moreover, there are several things that are interesting to me about street art. The city is full of images, decoration in shops, advertising, signs and shop windows. All of that is visual information that we experience just by being out in the street, whether we want to be affected by it or not. I think that as a visual artist, becoming aware of this space we share on the street, it is an opportunity to change it.

It is also interesting to consider urban art pieces as a free and open-air gallery, the residents of the city not only enjoy these works without paying but some may never go to a museum or gallery. This is perhaps the only point of contact with art that they may have.

Finally, a joining together of the points mentioned: “Change the city and make it unique”. The decoration, urban design and colours of a city are usually grey and monotonous. Thanks to urban art, each city is different with its own artists or with those who visit it. And not only is it different but it is alive with changing murals & ephemeral art concepts, which makes it easier to have a city that vibrates…rather than just constructing new buildings.

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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