24/7 VALENCIA: Could you tell us about your musical upbringing and background?

ANA ZOMEÑO: They tell me that I sing the way I talk. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s what I like to do most in the world.
At the age of eleven I discovered the guitar and, thanks to one of my older brothers, I discovered Britpop and the Spanish rock bands of the 80s and I fell in love with the music. I learned to play the drums when I was 13. At 16, I went from playing and singing in my room with the door closed to sharing the music by joining a rock and indie music group as a singer. Since then I’ve gone through rock, swing and jazz fusion formations….

I then began to get restless in wanting to compose my own songs.

Music has always been with me, cheering me up and inspiring me, becoming a source of strength that has brought me closer to people. I dream of generating that effect in the people who listen to my music. It is my particular way of empowering myself and creating a culture of emotions, as I like to call it.

Please tell our readers something about your EP, ‘Cinco Conocidas’?

I produced with Belén Muñoz what was to be a little demo in her home studio. The ideas evolved and, finally, the songs were orchestrated with musicians and friends… and the first EP, ‘Cinco Conocidos’ was born. It is a group of songs that summarizes most of the experiences that I have had so far.

The musical style of these songs include touches of swing, jazz, Latin jazz, blues or American folk, which are all great passions of mine…

Although my influences are very diverse -from Arctic Monkeys, Jorge Drexler, Norah Jones or Quique González- they are directly reflected in my music. I also have jazz influences with references to Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday or Anita O’Day.

It is difficult for a song to fix the world but it is possible to empower the people who do. For me, this song meant relief. While writing it I repeated some chords in a loop and kept changing the melody. One day, I stopped searching and gave the song its title.

A sweet song to a friend who cries and says she doesn’t know why. Because crying is good. It begins with some verses by Jaime Sabines from which I put together the rest of the song. The person who recites the poetry is my friend Eva Mollo, with whom I wrote the poetry.

4 x 3
Song to say goodbye to first love. The oldest of the ”five known” songs.

It tells the story of Maria, the little girl of one of my friends. Maria was born with an ear condition that prevented her from hearing. I wanted to write this song for Maria and her mama as a gift during a season of intense battle. After much struggle, Maria will be able to hear. A swing, the style of music that Maria’s mother and I have sung & danced so much on stage to.

This song was composed after a co-operative veterinary trip to Malawi in South East Africa, where I lived amongst women from the region. Faced with a reality that makes it clear how little a woman’s life is worth, they have developed an inner-power. In honour of them, I composed this song en route to their local library.

I wanted to capture a part of the universe that lives inside someone who sings and gives a part of themselves every time they do it and who despite doubting themselves…they take risks. This was inspired by my singing teacher, who has become an artistic and vital reference. The video clip features both professional and amateur singers from the Valencian scene, including my mother.

Do you have plans for 2020?
I plan to release a new EP called ‘Nuevas Conocidas.’ You can find the new single ‘A las Mías’ on Spotify and the video of the song on Youtube

ANA ZOMEÑO:Electric guitar and voice
LUCIA ZAMBUDIO:Electric guitar
CATE GIOIRGI:Keyboard and voice

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

More information: www.anazomeñ

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