‘Cerveza Turia’ supports the Valencian ‘clóchina’ season (local gastronomy)

##The illustrated guide ‘Cartografia de la clòtxina’ will be available until May 29th at the ‘Mercat Central de València’ and in three establishments in the Cabanyal neighborhood: ‘Clóchinas Las Arenas’, ‘Clóchinas La Rocheta’ and ‘Clóchinas Valereta’.

Following the success of last year’s ‘Temps de clòtxina’ campaign, Cerveza Turia is once again paying tribute to the Valencian clóchina and supports the season of this delicacy, so deeply rooted in Valencian gastronomy.

Under the slogan ‘Temps de clòtxina’, the brand is once again putting into circulation the ‘Cartografia de la clòtxina’ (Clòtxina Cartography), a limited edition editorial piece that delves into the history of the producing history of the producing families and features illustrations by local artists such as Paco Roca, María Herreros, Ada Roca, María Herreros, Ada Diez, Lawerta and Mar Hernández (Malota).

The aim is to promote the purchase of this seasonal product, so closely linked to the gastronomic culture of the region, and to gastronomic culture of Valencia and to publicize the work of those who make it possible for clóchinas to arrive, without exception, every year on our tables.

The guide will be available from May 12 to 29 with the purchase of 1 kg of clóchinas and a basket of Cerveza Turia in a selection of stores in the fishing district of Valencia, Cabanyal- Canyamelar, specialized in Canyamelar, specializing in the sale of clóchinas: Clóchinas Las Arenas, Clóchinas La Rocheta and Clóchinas Valereta.

In addition, following the announcement of the collaboration of Cerveza Turia with the Mercat Central de València, the guide will also be available at a stand specially created for the occasion under the dome of the market.

The ‘Cartografia de la clòtxina’ (Cartography of the clótxina) covers the tradition of cultivation of the clóchina and reflects the history of families invlolved with production, some of them with more than a century of dedication: Lacomba, Lucía, Aragonés and Navarro. It was prepared with the collaboration of José Luis Peiró, president of the ‘Agrupación de Clochineros de València y Sagunto’.

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