##”Plàstic EP” is the first album by ‘El Triangulista’, a sincere, fresh and spontaneous sound collage: a set of 4 songs, which encourages to save the world from environmental catastrophe with chords, sounds of house keys, barking dogs and singing children.

El Triangulista, the alter ego of Francesc Burgos, stars in the video “Plàstic”, the quirky and crazy story of a globetrotter, which seeks to raise awareness of the environmental crisis.

-The video, directed by Pau Berga, immerses the viewer in a fantastic universe full of unique and extraordinary gadgets and props.

Plàstic” is part of El Triangulista’s four-track EP of the same name, produced by Burgos for CasaCalba Ed…with the support of the Conselleria de Educació, Cultura i Esport de la Generalitat Valenciana.

A plastic bag thrown out of a window and an enigmatic character on his tricycle/home are the protagonists of “Plàstic”, the video by El Triangulista, the artistic alter ego of Francesc Burgos (Tavernes de la Valldigna, 1976), an environmentalist by training and one of the leading artivists on the national scene.

The video, directed by Pau Berga and produced by TresDeu Mèdia and the Teatre del Raval de Gandia, has the ethical intention of denouncing the environmental crisis that the planet is suffering and the aesthetic purpose of creating an imaginary world of its own… in which unusual instruments stand out.

This visual work, recorded in the Marjal de La Safor, immerses the spectator in a fantastic universe starring El Triangulista, a globetrotter who is fully aware of environmental pollution and who, on his journey through the fields and beaches, witnesses the ecological disaster that human beings leave in their wake.

“There are so many stimuli against stopping the destruction of the planet that it is difficult to believe that a video can have any real influence, although it is made with the intention of awakening consciences through art and humour. The video, as can be seen, has a markedly apocalyptic atmosphere, as human beings head towards a precipice created by their own actions”, adds Burgos on the purpose of “Plàstic”.

The video is also a work full of unique and extraordinary gadgets and props, such as the falcon Pep el Xoriguer, the faithful companion of the protagonist’s wanderings, and his own tricycle/home. Two pieces created by the artist and stage machinery builder Jordá Ferre (Antigua i Barbuda), which, together with the extravagant costumes of the main character designed by María Almudéver, transport the spectator into the rich inner world of its creator.

“Plàstic” is part of the EP of the same name, El Triangulista’s first musical production, a conceptual and handcrafted work developed by the artist, who has performed, recorded and mixed the four songs with a bunch of instruments that are not instruments (rubbish bins, tea boxes, house keys, wooden planks, etc.), already available on all digital platforms and out now in a physical vinyl edition.

Who is El Triangulista?
El Triangulista is the artistic alter ego of Francesc Burgos (Tavernes de la Valldigna, 1976), who has twenty years of experience at the head of different projects, both in the field of cultural management (LaCasaCalba and Teatre del Raval de Gandia) and artistic creation (Amanida Peiot and La POP, Petita Orquestra Peiotaire). Burgos has created this quirky character without limits: a singular proposal that embraces the living arts, retro-futuristic technology and the reuse of objects, with a poetic and stimulating look, at the same time. In short, a dream come true.

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