##24/7 Valencia: Can you tell us something about your musical background & education?

Erin Corine: My musical background is a curious combination of family tradition and formal training in classical music. I’ve always felt a beautifully ethereal connection of undying love and devotion to my first instrument, the flute, but I’ve come around in the last seven years to embrace the beautiful musical rituals I’d been subconsciously absorbing from my Southern African-American roots.

What does Gospel mean to you? Going off of the same thought, gospel is my absolute first tradition. I grew up spending every weekend, Friday to Sunday, with my maternal grandmother. I went to and actively participated in church through my teenage years and continued to sing in gospel choirs through college. Gospel is the root of everything that we are in my family. In sickness and in health, happiness or sadness, and no matter what other music we may enjoy, we always circle back to our maternal tradition.

What draws you to Jazz? Flipping the subject back to my classical training, jazz became interesting to me in my late twenties as I began my foray into deeper pockets of my native music. It’s very technical and rudimental in many ways, deeply emotional and expressive in others. Between where I came from and my educational background in music, Jazz was such a logical stop along my journey. My grandfather always wanted that for me, so in some ways, he’s gotten his wish. I sang him ‘Autumn in New York’, one of his favorite standards, for the first time in February 2017. He also said that day the only version of ‘God Bless the Child’ he’s ever heard as good as mine was when he heard Billie Holiday herself just before she died, when he was 18 living in New York City. It was a very special moment for both of us.

Why is Soul  so universal as a genre? Feeling is a universal sentiment, no? Love, happiness, heartbreak, depression, anger… They are all emotions with no borders. This is the basis of soul music and the art form behind its expression.

How does living in Madrid compare to Valencia? I will always love and cherish my time in Valencia! I always called it my “Spanish California.” I spent childhood springs and summers in Southern California, so I really enjoyed the slower pace and closer local relationships in Valencia. Madrid, though… Well, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl! It’s magical, busy, there is a lot of work and its always changing. I love living here

Could you tell the public what the audience experienced at your show at ‘16 Tonelades’? Aside from the most exciting format and the largest group I’ve had the pleasure to bring with me from Madrid to date, I was excited to celebrate my birthday back in my first “home” and show you all a bit of what I’ve been working on. Some intense funk and soul repertoire that’s a challenge even for me, ALWAYS a moment  for the deepest of soul and gospel roots, and some very special guests joined us too. It was a blast!!

Do you have any plans to record an album? 2020 has some milestones in the calendar! Stay tuned!!! 😉 Be sure to check me out on Patreon so you can become a monthly Patron and be one of the first to know when we have a recording project to get crowdfunded!

Why is the flute such a timeless instrument? The flute is one of the few I instruments that exists in some format across every continent and culture since prehistoric times. While it’s often seen as light, delicate and beautiful, it can also be ferocious and powerful at the same time. My instrument chose me, to be honest. Playing it has given me the foundation for my career in music as a pedagogue and disciplined performer that heaven knew how much would serve me later in life. I am and always will be a flutist first!


Interview by Owl

MORE INFO:https://www.facebook.com/erincorinemusic/


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