24/7 Valencia:Please tell us something about your background, upbringing and education.

LAURENCE LEMOINE:I was born in Paris, in a very traditional family. Raised with 5 brothers and sisters, we have always received an abundance of love and very powerful values.

Since the age of 12, I wanted to be a journalist, which led me to study political sciences, and later on to cover part of the Lebanese war. Following this incredible experience, I spent six years in the French Alpes as the editor-in-chief of Radio Mont-Blanc. However, I had a great desire to discover the world so I moved to Haiti, where I worked for an important radio station (Radio Vision 2000) and where I met my husband; a Spaniard from Valencia. Together, we lived in Port-au-Prince, London, Gambia, Lisbon, and of course, Valencia. While I raised my children (17- and 19-years old today) I published five touristic guides and worked for the EU in the press and communication department.

What have you learned most from your travels and living in different countries?
Firstly, I’ve learnt that the world is wonderful, and people are extraordinary, even If sometimes we feel as if the world has gone mad. I’ve submerged myself in numerous cultures and have built my values and personality based on absorbing values, traditions and culture from each place. I’ve also realized the outstanding capacity human beings have to adapt to extreme conditions.

Please tell us all about VALENCIA EXPAT SERVICES…
Due to a heavy amount of foreigners moving to Valencia, I decided to create a company which satisfies the needs of expats. This includes; families (housing, schools, NIE documents…) or individuals looking for business opportunities (advice, translations, information, contacts as well as administrative procedures). We also organize events to encourage relationships between Expats and Valencians, integrating them to Valencian culture. We have also expanded to Barcelona and we will open this summer Javea Denia Expat Services.

How do you find Valencia as a place to live and work?
It is a known fact that I’m totally in love with Valencia! For me, Valencia is the perfect city to live in. I love my work at ‘Valencia Expat Services’, where I constantly have to be in contact with different people and administrations. The journalist inside me, also loves living and work in Valencia, as I collaborate with Valencian TV and radio, as well as other newspapers (Le Courrier d’Espagne)

Do you have any plans for the future?
My immediate plan is to recover my freedom of movement and action! (Laughs) I really hope our new lives won’t be too hard and complicated by this global pandemic. Furthermore, when I’m old and grey, I would love to publish a book but I still have many things to do and a lot to live beforehand!

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team


L a u r e n c e L e m o i n e

+34 676 78 0053

Carrer de Gregori Mayans 3. puerta 6


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