#24/7 VALENCIA: Tell us something about your backgrounds, travels and experiences.

FREALANE: Frealane is a trio that comes from three different countries — Andrea Dee (lead vocals, songwriter) from Paris, France, Coque (lead guitarist) from Valencia, Spain and Aaron Knight (drummer/ producer) from London, UK. We all met in New York City and with ‘big city life’ comes that need to find your community and make it your family and that’s what we have with ‘Frealane.’ We share the same goals, passions, and drive, we are family, it’s simple. This is the fuel that inspires us to make great music, pushing the envelope as we grow as people and musicians.

Our travels have taken us around the world and we have seen a lot. For us, absorbing the energy of a new place like the frantic rush of California or an unfamiliar state in Berlin at 02.00h or playing for an anxious set of new fans in London is all part of the excitement; call it the defining moment if you will. It’s when you live in music and it gives you a feeling that gets you deep down. It’s truly invigorating and beyond belief, it’s what we yearn for as artists… it’s great. We wouldn’t trade it for anything! We have the best job in the world.

What are your influences regarding your music?
Our sound is indie-electro, drawing influence from anything that is creative and emotive from movies, art, and music, past or present. Of course you have the classics like Metallica, Radiohead, Placebo, Pearl Jam, Hendrix, Beatles, Phantogram, Biffy Clyro and the Food Fighters. However, as artists or creators of any kind, we are constantly being influenced and our inspirations change according to what we see, breathe, feel and experience. It could be from something we’ve seen, to a verse we’ve read or by the infectious hook that you can’t get out of your head while you are stuck in the back seat for ten hours while you drive to the next gig, it’s all part of the journey.

How does living and working in Valencia compare to living and working in New York?
Living and working in Valencia is very different from New York City. Valencia is beautiful, with a lot of great energy; it is a very welcoming city. Don’t get us wrong, New York City will always remain in our hearts, but Valencia is a place that is constantly progressing, almost like New York in the ‘70s. It is a refreshing blank page for us and this is great as it gives Frealane a chance to really make music and influence people without restriction, which is a place from where true art is made. In Valencia, you run into familiar faces everywhere you go in the streets, bars and clubs and that makes this city feel comfortable and special, truly adding to its charm. In a nutshell, New York brought us together and Valencia is where we fine-tuned who we really are.

Take us through the track of your album ‘Learn’

‘Enough Time’ almost didn’t make it on our album! It’s a song about us all taking things for granted at some point or another and the realization of its worth when it is gone.
‘Heartache’ is about being yourself at any cost. Being in situations where people make you feel like you are not ‘normal’, especially partners, family members, friends, so much so that we let go of what feels right in our gut.
‘Day by Day’ reminds us that life is a journey and we go through ups and downs. It is about knowing that whatever situation we may find ourselves in, we are not alone.
‘Parole’ is about that boy!! The one you are weak for, the bad boy, the one that you know is not good for you, like cake, you simply can’t resist.
‘Breaking Chains’ is when you never let anyone tell you that something is impossible. The sky is the limit; you should always reach for it!
‘On the Road’ Artists are very special creatures. We live on emotions, dreams and feelings. Being on the road, on tour across Europe and across the U.S. can get tough sometimes but the adrenaline you have onstage when it’s showtime and that passion and drive you have when you are doing what you love gives you a rush that keeps you wanting more and more
‘The Same.’ When you travel around the world, you notice that people are the same wherever you go, human beings.
‘Till The End’ is about a broken relationship that you try to put back together but you just can’t.
‘I Die’ is a very special and intimate song about mental abuse. The lyrics say it all. This song was really difficult to write for me (Andrea), but during those hard times music helped me a lot, knowing that I was not alone and that there was always hope.

Did you enjoy playing in Valencia?
We were constantly look for awesome places to perform at, and really indulged ourselves in this wonderful city.

What are your plans for the band?

We always look forward to meeting new fans, friends, critics and artists around the globe, more festivals, concerts, and tours. We came together to create something special, and the idea is to share it with others. It is what makes our journey very special, it is what makes us FREALANE.

Interview by 24/7 Valencia

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