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PAU MOLTÓ OF FRENCH HORN JAZZ PROJECT: I was born in Valencia in 1978. I’m a Professional musician and Teacher of Music at the ‘Conservatorio Superior de Castellón’ (Valencia Community), as well as in the ‘Aula de Horn Spanish Brass & Taller de Músics de Barcelona’, exploring modern brass & jazz music.

In addition to participating in numerous projects related to classical music and jazz, I have managed to combine my teaching activities with the launch of my first album as a leader, ‘French Horn Jazz Project’, in which I explore the possibilities of the French horn in the world of improvisation, modern music and jazz.

Can you tell us about the concept of this album?
‘French Horn Jazz Project’ was born from my interest in exploring the possibilities that an instrument as classical as the French horn can offer, in genres such as modern music and jazz…a territory that very few French horn players have entered to date.

We have released our first album, ‘French horn Jazz Project’, via ‘Sedajazz Records’ in Valencia. Along with myself on the French horn, the formation is completed by trumpeter David Pastor, pianist Kontxi Lorente, double bassist Jordi Gaspar and drummer Ramón Ángel, with the collaboration of trombonist Vicente Pérez.

The Valencian David Pastor, an international reference for trumpet players in both modern and classical music, was my teacher at the ‘Taller de Músics in Barcelona’ and he did not hesitate to join my first project as a leader, in which he played a fundamental role.

The album consists mainly of my own compositions and proposes a journey through different styles with the French horn as the lead instrument, from swing to bebop or Latin jazz, to conclude with a more personal sound…with Mediterranean overtones.

Will you be presenting the album live in Valencia in 2020?

Yes, we will be presenting the album on October 17th 2020 at ‘Teatre El Musical’ in El Cabanyal (Valencia).

‘French Horn Jazz Project’
October 17th
Teatre El Musical
Plaça del Rosari, 3 46011 Valencia, Spain
Tel: 963 24 25 52


Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

Album available at concert and via Pau Moltó website :

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