24/7 Valencia: What are your concepts and philosophy regarding your work?

KROME:There have been several throughout my career. At first, like any tagger starting out my aim was to leave my mark as much as possible with my name. Now I continue to do this but with other methods and another philosophy. In my opinion, tagging is usually lacking a meaning beyond the name itself. I like to experiment with geometric structures, distortions and visual effects to create a harmonious composition in my works. Lately I have also been adapting some structures with my letters, emulating objects and characters of popular culture of recent times.

 24/7 Valencia: How do you see the ‘Street Art’ scene in Valencia?

KROME: I think it’s incredible, there’s something for everyone. In general, the best thing is that there’s a lot of respect between all the disciplines of street art, not like in other cities where it seems that “graffiti artists” and “urban artists” are in a constant war. On the other hand, in Valencia Street art and graffiti seems to have become a fashion. That’s not always good but at least we are getting much more popular support than a few years ago.

24/7 Valencia: Tell us something about your projects…

KROME: Now and for some time my goal is to innovate or create original works as Graffiti but trying new tools and alternative techniques, I seek to combine with people from opposite disciplines to mine in order to generate alternative fusions and that both parties benefit from creating an original work in which all parties have been creative in their own way.

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