It is common knowledge that Horchata is an extremely popular Valencian drink and a must-try when visiting the city, and for many Valencians the sweet tiger nut beverage takes them back to their childhood summers. The Panach family aims to bottle up these memories in their Horchata, evoking reminiscence with every sip.

The Panach family has been linked with horchata since 1970, shaping and evolving their recipe and brand into what stands today. José Ramón Panach, now director of the firm, states that everything in his family has revolved around horchata with his father building the first machine in the world for harvesting tiger nuts in 1970, and subsequently opening up Horchatería Panach in Alboraya, and his cousin José Vicente helping out at the Horchatería Panach since the age of 10. The family launched the first packaged horchata in 2013 and only 3 years later, a perfected recipe for bottled fresh horchata arrived. Xufatopía by Panach has an exclusive vacuum packaging system, which allows the organoleptic properties to be preserved inside the bottle, and maintaining the renowned flavour.

Not only is Xufatopía by Panach a healthy, eco-responsible and delicious drink in accessible packaged format, it is centred around evoking sensations from numerous generations of Valencians: “A sip of horchata is the equivalent of immersing ourselves for a moment in those sunny days when we gathered together with family and friends to enjoy a refreshing glass of horchata with fartons.”


Report by Polly Watton

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

Website: https://xufatopia.com/conocenos/

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