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Authentic Argentine restaurant ‘Mila’ invites lovers of good food and gastronomic fun to their restaurant to enjoy dishes straight from the heart of Argentina. Located in the Ensanche district of the Gran Via, Mila is in the perfect location to enjoy some exciting cuisine.

Mila’s menu is diverse and invigorating. They claim to be ready to, “take your taste buds on a wild and exciting journey,” and judging by the menu, they are not wrong. To start, you can choose a dish of provolone, chorizo and chimichurri, or if seafood is your thing, then calamari fried in chickpea flour for extra crunch. If you decide to go for the interestingly named ‘horseback potatoes,’ you can enjoy fried potatoes à la provencale, with garlic sauce and parsley. ‘On horseback’ means with two fried eggs on top, which adds an interesting layer to the dish. For a vegetarian option, the spinach fritters will arouse nostalgia for every Argentinian, and Mila claims that the recipe surpasses your grandmothers! There are a range of other starters to ponder over that will please everyone’s choices.

For the main courses, Mila is ready to surprise customers with “flavours of Milanese never imagined before.” Milaneses are a classic Argentinian dish consisting of thinly-sliced meat dipped in eggs and breadcrumbs and fried, and a dish which according to Mila, “gives meaning to our existence.” Firstly, choose either Veal, chicken, Duroc pork or Eggplant for a vegetarian option. From there, Mila has 5 different recipes for the Milaneses; The Fugazzeta, Neapolitana, The Mila by Mila, 4 cheeses, or truffled. Accompanying the Milanese, you can choose any homemade sides from mashed potatoes, mixed salad, spaghetti or french fries.

Having not had time to celebrate an opening, they are now shouting out “¡YA ESTAMOS ACÁ, carajo!” and opening up the doors for a party on Thursday, May 2nd from 8pm. The party is a perfect opportunity to check out Mila, and will include music, food, football and snacks and two exciting competitions in which you can win free dinners and more. For football fans, If you come wearing a La Albiceleste (argentina national football team) shirt, then you can get 10% off your meal. Alternatively, if you find one of the posters they have put up around the neighbourhood, take a photo, upload it to your social media and tag Mila, you can also get 10% off. Find Mila on instagram to browse photographs of their exciting food and get a feel for their fun vibe!


Report by Polly Watton

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’ 



Calle Conde Altea, 39



(+34)96 763 56 44

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