Trastevere Italian restaurant in Valencia (Aqua Shopping Centre)

Trastevere-247vlcTrastevere Italian restaurant in Valencia

“The 24/7 Valencia team visited ‘Trastevere’, this week… the restaurant on the top floor of the Aqua Center shopping mall with a fantastic view of the City of Arts and Sciences as you take the elevator to the 4th floor. ‘Trastevere’ is different from other Italians restaurant in that they combine famous dishes with most authentic and least known dishes from Italy. Their high quality products are imported from Italy and they also specialize in “Italianizing” major international recipes. They go beyond the classic proposal of many other Italian restaurants. It’s a fresh and innovative vision.

Throughout our long lunch we found the qaulity of the food was very good and the service was very amenable too. You’ll find Antipasti, traditional sausages & cheeses, grilled vegetables, parmesan truffles, bruschettes, mortadella truffles and Salami from Milan. Cheeses include Pecorino, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, teleggio. We savoured this with tasty Italian jams, including Cremona jam…

Fresh salads from various regions of Italy include ‘Di Caprino’ and Guancale with Pomodor di Puglia with caramelized walnuts, goats cheese and ‘guanciale’ bacon and a pina colada vianigrette.

The pastry section is divided by regions including Sicily, Liguria and Piedmont. We savoured a ‘Raviloi Tagliatelle’. Less well known pastas dishes include those accompanied by cuttlefish, clams and mussels.

The pizzas are another specialty of ‘Trastevere’ but mostly the least known versions of this classic pastry. ‘Pizza alla pala’ has an authentic thin-crust pizza and, for example, the ‘Costa Bianca’ comes with mozzarella, pecorino tartufato, coppa, poached onion and zucchini strips. On the other hand, the Palermo Pizzas are made in the “fornaia” tradition of Palermo, made with sourdough and respecting the typical Sicilian recipe that gives it a spongy feel. We savoured a ‘La Di Foie’ with a pleasant combination of caramelized onions, mushrooms, foie gras and tomato jam.

For dessert, diners can enjoy a different type of italian postre such as ‘Dolce Limone Amalfitano’ with lemon cream, cake and frosting eaten from a glass not a cone…

Overall, Trastevere was great fun and it offers lovers of Italian cuisine a different and authentic culinary tradition of the different regions of Italy. It’s a novel experience for all ages, in a modern and elegant atmosphere, with an option to enjoy the terrace and available for all budgets (average price of 20 € without drinks). We enjoyed a pleasant bottle of red wine from the Alba region of Italy…”
24/7 Valencia Team


Aqua multiespacio (3rd floor)
C/Menorca, 19

Tel: 96 330 11 72

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