##Cinema Jove becomes again the showcase of the best international short films of the year. The International Film Festival of Valencia is scheduled from December 5th to 9th, with a selection of 34 projects from 21 countries showing all over Valencia. There are films from Spain, Iran, China, Lithuania, France, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Chile, Belgium, Portugal, Bosnia, Estonia, Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovakia.

“In this context of pandemic, we have a smaller edition, from the 10 usual sections we have gone to 6, but the total amount of short films is not far from the usual. The 2020 selection maintains the same spirit of variety in the genres, non-conformity regarding language, internationality and youth in the direction”, details the director of programming of Cinema Jove, Carlos Madrid.

Each session will consist of six short films in which a heterogeneity of languages, nationalities and languages will coexist to offer an eclectic offer that will surprise the audience.

Many of the works in competition are guaranteed by their presence in prestigious festivals such as Cannes, San Sebastian, the Berlinale, the Venice Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand. Cannes 2019 programmed the French-Greek ‘The Distance Between Us and the Sky’,by Vasilis Kekatos, winner of the Golden Palm, and the Argentine ‘Monster God’, in which the Argentine director Agustina San Martín recreates a night of mist in which an evangelical sect, a nuclear power station and some cows in a stampede converge. It received a special mention from the jury.

The Critics’ Week hosted the premiere of ‘She Runs’, by Qiu Yang. The Chinese director is already known to ‘Cine Jove’ viewers, as his previous short film, ‘A Gentle Night’, winner of Cannes 2018, was screened last year.

At the Berlinale 2019, they screened the German ‘Blue Boy’, by Manuel Abramovich, set in a legendary bar in Berlin where for 40 years meet businessmen, tourists and lonely hearts of the city, and ‘Golden Legend’, by the director Chema Garcia Ibarra and the Donostian Ion de Sosa, where between the customs and the grotesque is recreated one day in a municipal pool in a town of Caceres.

The Berlinale 2020, for its part, exhibited two proposals of the genre: ‘Panteres’, an exploration of female puberty by the Catalan Èrika Sánchez, and ‘Dummy’, by the Lithuanian Laurynas Bareisa, a docu-fiction in which a murderer recreates a crime committed in the forest using a faceless doll.

Also noteworthy in the documentary genre are the Spanish-Chilean ‘Correspondence’, in which the film letters kept by the Spanish director Carla Simón and the Chilean Dominga Sotomayor alternate; the Bosnian-Serbian ‘Then Comes the Evening’, in which Maja Novakovic films the bittersweet daily routine of two elderly people who live isolated in the hills of eastern Bosnia, and the British ‘City of Children’, by Arantxa Hernández, which participated in the Swiss festival Visions du Réel. Her proposal is a portrait of a group of young English people on the margins of society, whose education is based more on what they learn in the street than in school.

Cine Jove has also selected the short film that won the Grand Prix de Clermont-Ferrand, ‘Olla’, by the Greek director Ariane Labed, a regular actress in the films of her husband, Yorgos Lanthimos. The music of the genre film ‘Massacre’ was recognized as the best soundtrack in the competition.

In the French event were present three Valencian works that also compete in this edition of Cinema Jove: ‘El infierno y tal’, produced by Quatre Films and directed by Enrique Buleo, special mention in the experimental section Labo, and the French-Spanish animation co-production ‘Metamorphosis’, by Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto, about a frustrated man because at 30 years old he still lives with his mother. The proposal has been selected in the category of animation of the Goya 2020.

The rest of the proposals in the genre of animation are ‘The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady’, in which the Portuguese Gabriel Abrantes breathes life into a Venus de Milo with the desire to leave the Louvre and make a transatlantic journey; ‘Winter in the Rainforest’, filmed by the Lithuanian director Anu-Laura Tuttelberg in the tropical forests of Mexico and Peru with the technique of ‘stop motion’; Apfelmus’ where the Austrian Alexander Gratzer gives voice to the animals of a forest, which engage in philosophical conversations, and the comic ‘SH_T Happens’, by Michaela Mihalyi and David Stumpf, selected at Sundance and the Mostra in Venice, and ‘Why Slugs Have no Legs’, where the Swiss Aline Höchli reveals a financial crisis in a society inhabited by insects and molluscs.

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

FOR FULL PROGRAMME: https://www.cinemajove.com/
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Oficinas Cine Jove
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