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Nestled within the bustling Mercado Colón, beer enthusiasts, foodies, and locals alike gravitate towards the captivating charm of ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado.’ This unique cervecería and restaurant have become a beloved destination for those seeking an exceptional beer experience in Valencia.

As the sole establishment in Valencia boasting an impressive lineup of 16 taps and 150 types of craft beer, ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ proudly reigns as the city’s largest beer bar. This variety ensures that visitors are greeted with an assortment of flavours, styles, and textures. From light, zesty IPAs and deep stout beers, there is something to satisfy every palate.

A must-try is classic Zeta Hell lager, a smooth, refined beer that succeeds in complementing every dish. Or for those seeking a stronger taste, immerse into the deep and intense flavours of Waterloo Double Dark, a brew that delivers flavours of dark fruits, spices and a touch of sweetness. For a light and refreshing accompaniment to tapas, savour the Blanche de Namur, a zesty delight bursting with freshness. A delectable favourite is the Kasteel Rouge, a Belgian beer for lovers of cherries and beloved for its intense sweetness. This beer is often recommended to be savoured alongside desserts to complement the sweetness. These are just a mere selection of beers to be tasted amongst the 150 options; there are also numerous options for those who prefer different drinks: Sangria, Agua de Valencia, Vermouth, or a selection of wine. For those not wanting to drink alcohol, there is fresh Iced-tea, tonic and other typical soft drink options to try.

This charming haunt goes beyond serving exceptional beers. Its high quality cuisine compiles ingredients sourced from just metres away at the stalls of Mercado de Colón, serving fresh produce. The menu presents freshly made tapas, salads, sandwiches and desserts. A must-try dish is the well-known tapas dish ‘Ensaladilla rusa’, a salad originating from Russia made from fresh carrots, potatoes, green beans and a delicious blend of seasonings, served with perfectly crunchy bread. The Iberian ham croquettes are the perfect accompaniment to the beer. Another favourite is the mussels prepared with a family recipe, served steaming hot in a pot filled with flavour and served with a side of delicious patatas fritas.

If you find yourself in the area of Colón and are passionate about craft beer, a visit to Las Cervezas del Mercado Colón is an absolute must. Indulge in the world of finely crafted brews, immerse in the vibrant market atmosphere, and join the ever-growing community of beer lovers who have found this haven.

Report by Emily Bray

 Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

All photos copyright Emily Bray/ ’24/7 Valencia’

Las Cervezas del Mercado

Open every day 9.00 until 00.30

Address: Mercado de Colón, Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 963 94 35 21



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