Mercat Central de València

If you are visiting Valencia, the ‘Mercat Central de València’ is a must on your ‘to do’ list! Browse amongst residents doing their morning shopping as you embrace all the life and character this market has to offer. Filled with local traders and small independent businesses, it’s a great spot to find those hidden gems as you explore your way around the endless aisles of treasure.

The market is incredibly popular for its fresh produce. It’s hard not to get hungry here as every aisle is filled with vibrant fruit shops, stalls piled high with croissants as well as butcher counters where locals display fresh produce ready for you to buy. Each stall indulges your senses… as they cook fresh meals waiting for your stomach to decide where to eat.

If you have resisted the temptation of food, treat yourself to a shopping trip instead. With many small businesses to browse, you will manage just fine spending some money on some local items. It is a perfect spot to pick up some souvenirs, from modern posters and tote bags to quaint china and handcrafted goods.

If you are all shopped out, just take a second to look up. ‘Mercat Central de València’ is famous for its beautiful ceiling and colourful tiles, that wrap the market in a picturesque setting. The tranquil ceiling contrasts to the busy market scene down below, providing a breath of fresh air among the fast-paced market.

Report by Rebecca Edmundson

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

‘Mercat Central de Valência’ photo copyright Rebecca Edmundson / 24/7 Valencia

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