#At the ‘City of Arts and Sciences’ of Valencia, there were celebrations at the ‘Palau de les Arts’ last weekend to celebrate its continuing artistic programme of activities in Valencia. On Sunday, the 21st November, we experienced a really delightful ‘midday concert’ of classical music within the amazing setting of ‘la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències.’ It was packed with different groups of people all coming together…eager to attend the various events showcased as part of the Palau de les Arts.

Included in this year’s 2021-2022 programme is a number of ‘Matins a les Arts’ sessions with members of the superb Valencia Orchestra (‘Orquesta de Valencia’) performing inside the futuristic “Palau” as it opens its doors to the general public…

The Palau de les Arts ‘Matins’ event was open to the public for only €5 and was well and truly taken advantage of. The classical concert was completely packed as there was not an empty seat in the crowd. Filled with people of all ages, the gorgeous sounds created by the powerful musicians was enjoyed by everyone.

The performance was paired with a soothing backdrop, a setting of glowing colours fading on a screen behind the orchestra, leaving all senses to be occupied by their uplifting and joyful music. One of their sets included a ‘pizzicato’ piece …where the musicians plucked their violins and cellos. This was a memorable performance and contrasted nicely with the bowed sounds & notes of the string instruments.

Set in the ‘Palau de Les Arts’ building, an impressive & iconic work of architecture…it is a visit that was enjoyed by every sense. The huge theatre was the perfect acoustic setting, ready to welcome the crowd and musicians.

The breathtaking scenery was complemented by some stunning classical music. The harmonious strings of the violins filled the room and bounced around the walls, as the audience clapped and cheered at the end of each set.

The Palau de les Arts programme will be active throughout the 2021-2022 season. So, you can have your chance to experience one of their wonderful events… including Symphony concerts…Classical / Opera / Jazz / Flamenco & more over the coming months!

You can find out more about this current season at ‘Les Arts’ here:

Report by Rebecca Edmundson
Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

Address: Av. del Professor López Piñero, 1
Palau de les Arts website:

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