##Step inside, through the beaded curtains of Pata Negra and immerse yourself in all that is the eclectic, fine dining experience. Saunter through the dim-lit interior of quirky décor, from hanging guitars, double bass and drums…to sitting globes and on the other side, you may find a plant-infused terrace, consisting of even more mismatch wall-fillers, including that of a hanging bicycle!

Located only a stone’s throw away from Benimaclet Plaza, Pata Negra is in a league of its own. The evenings – in particular – see it transformed into the depiction of scrumptious food, unbeatable wine and endless chatter. Fairy lights litter the terrace effortlessly as guests bask in the comfort of this cosy jewel. With its mellow ambience and plays of soul and blues, this place offers a fun zest to the traditions of romantic and sophisticated restaurant scenes.

A vegetarian or vegan may not experience the best food options in Spain (except for patatas bravas – sin bravas!), but thanks to Chef Antonio, Pata Negra has you covered. Mention your dietary needs, and all is sure to be swell.

Speaking of Chef Antonio, I had the luck of sitting down with him to find out some more about Pata Negra.

24/7 VALENCIA: When did the restaurant first open?
PATA NEGRA: We opened in November, 2001 so 20 years now is when it all began.

What cuisine does the restaurant focus on?
My cuisine is inspired by Spanish traditional recipes, but I like to mix fusions from other counties, as well as personal touches in my dishes too.

Was there any inspiration or influences behind the place in terms of the food, decor, etc?
The inspiration starts from the music and street culture. Other influences are from the family and Mediterranean wine culture too.

How do you aim to make your customers feel and what kind of experience do you try to offer your customers when they dine at Pata Negra?
The most important thing when you come to Pata Negra is not the dinner. The dinner is only a factor in the overall experience, which includes music, conversation, smells, views and everything related with having a great time. There’s a lot of passion that goes into Pata Negra and the sense of living in the moment is also very important. So, the bar here is a good place for customers and friends to share nice moments.

What is your most popular dish?
It depends. At lunchtime, ‘El Arroz al Horno’ proves to be very popular and is also a very typical dish from Valencia. For dinner, we have very special dish called ‘Secrteo Ibérico Confitado’ with teriyaki sauce. This also happens to be our unique, signature dish at Pata Negra.

What makes Pata Negra stand out compared to other restaurants of a similar cuisine?
We have a very special atmosphere, full of soul and rhythm and blues music.

From my understanding, Pata Negra used to host live music entertainment before COVID. Do you mind telling me more about that?
We have a resident musician called Mike McKoy who is part of the Pata Negra family. He plays jazz, blues and soul music, always with a special sound and vibe to get people to have a wonderful experience.

24/7 VALENCIA: We know what you’re thinking; this all sounds too good to be true, but go and see for yourself that Pata Negra really can be a part of your culinary dreams!

Article by Amun Sira

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

Pata Negra (Restorán)
Calle del Barón de San Petrillo, 3

Tel:963 89 09 54

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 2PM-5PM, 9PM-11.45PM

Closed Sundays

Opening times may vary subject to authoritative COVID-related restrictions.

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