‘Mercado de Ruzafa’ contrasts with the hip youthful energy of the neighbourhood as it stands as a traditional marketplace where local residents still gather to do their morning shop. It is a place to visit, to experience the culture and hustle bustle of Ruzafa. Experience the warm community of Ruzafa as you see Valencians meet up to shop together and engage with regular store owners.

Upon entering the market, you are greeted with the gorgeous smells of fresh produce, baked goods, and spices. If you weren’t hungry before entering, you definitely will be once you’ve completed your first lap of the market. But don’t worry; there are plenty of food stalls for you to purchase some fuel for the rest of your visit or to take home with you. Paired with the vibrant colours projecting from each stall, a trip to this market will leave all your senses satisfied.

Don’t be afraid to try something new at the market, perhaps you see some fresh produce you have always wanted to taste or to use in your cooking. The people behind the stalls aren’t just there to sell; they can also offer you tips and tricks when it comes to using their produce as an ingredient. They are very welcoming and embody the sense of community in this neighbourhood… so are happy to offer advice on how to make the most out of their product. Therefore, you can leave the market not only full of food but also full of knowledge.

All of the bustling sounds, smells and flavours of the busy market, are wrapped in a bold colourful exterior. This makes the market pretty hard to miss as it presents itself in the heart of Ruzafa. Its multicoloured architecture is an emblem of the modern multicultural neighbourhood of Ruzafa.

The market caters for the many residents from all over the world living in Ruzafa, with food stalls catering from Japanese to Mexican produce. When visiting, immerse yourself in the different cultures by trying their products and cuisine.

Report and photos by Rebecca Edmundson

Article copyright  24/7 Valencia

Photos copyright Rebecca Edmundson/  ’24/7 Valencia’


Address: Pl. del Baró de Cortés, s/n,
Telephone 963 744 025
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 7:30am-3:00pm
Ruzafa Market:

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