Rarely does one city have the privilege of hosting two distinct exhibitions by the same artist, let alone on the same subject. However, the accomplished Hispano-Brazilian artist Séfora Camazano has defied the norm, delivering a powerful artistic experience in Valencia through two concurrent displays centered around a shared theme: violence against women.

The first exhibition, aptly titled “Retrats Femenins: Migrants,” is a moving photographic showcase that delves into the intricate world of women’s migration in Spain. With an array of 30 women hailing from diverse nationalities, backgrounds, ages, and cultures, this exhibition shines a poignant light on the violence these courageous women have faced in their homelands. Their collective narratives paint a stark picture of the pervasive issue of violence against women within the context of migration. Each portrait, a testament to their resilience, challenges the stereotypes often associated with migrant women. Since its debut at the Museum of History in Valencia this March, this impactful exhibition has garnered attention  and will remain open to the public until October 1st.

Simultaneously, Séfora Camazano’s second exhibition, “Female Portraits,” graces the esteemed art gallery of the Westin Hotel, offering viewers a chance to delve further into her compelling vision until August 30th. Within these grandiose pictorial portraits of women from various nationalities, the artist deftly encapsulates the diverse experiences of violence they have endured. In a poignant tribute to the iconic Valencian artist Joaquín Sorolla on the centenary of his passing, Séfora recreates some of Sorolla’s seminal works, employing an array of artistic methodologies and techniques. Through her unique reinterpretation, Séfora captures the indomitable spirit and dignity of the women she portrays.

What sets Séfora Camazano’s exhibitions apart is the profound dialogue she establishes between the women depicted in her art and those celebrated by Sorolla. This artistic conversation encourages thought-provoking contemplation about the evolving perception of women in society. Despite significant strides in women’s rights over the past century, “Female Portraits” beckons us to question whether the essence of how women are seen has truly transformed. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this exhibition provokes deep introspection and underscores the potent capacity of art to raise awareness and bring attention to critical societal issues, particularly violence against women.

In this remarkable confluence of artistry, Séfora Camazano emerges as a resolute advocate, using her brush and lens to shed light on the plight of women facing violence. Her exhibitions not only pay homage to the past but also serve as a poignant call for change, urging us to strive for a world where violence against women is eradicated and replaced with respect, dignity, and equality.

Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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Photo from ‘Retrats Femenins: Migrants’ exhibition.


“Retrats Femenins: Migrants”

Séfora Camazano

Until October 1st

Museum of History in Valencia

C/ València, 42, 46920 Mislata, Valencia



“Female Portraits”

Séfora Camazano

Until August 30th

 The Westin Hotel

Carrer d’Amadeu de Savoia, 16, 46010 València, Valencia

Contact information:
Séfora Camazano

Phone number: +34 652066124

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