A local resident of Catadau (Valencia) has created an app to cook, get together and enjoy paellas in groups! Pedro Barberá has devised a collaborative economy platform where amateur cooks and diners come together to share a paella gastronomic experience in Valencia. It’s not Tinder, but this app is about gastronomy dating because ‘Peterpaellas’ is a platform  with the difference that this space offers experiences that revolve around enjoying paella together.

Thus, paella is a starting point and for those who want to experience paella in a different way. People socialize at ‘Peterpaellas’, because it serves to put cooks who want to show their skill in making paellas with friends or in groups. This unites people who want to taste or share Valencia’s most emblematic dish. It is an original ‘app’ for people of all ages that guarantees good times and a very original dining experience.

Pedro Barberá is a resident of Catadau who lives in Valencia. Pedro is a lover of food since he can remember.  A Gourmet chef, he loves to get behind the stove and make a good paella to share the table and tablecloth with his friends. Barberá learned to make paellas from his grandmother, as in so many Valencian families.

He recounts that, from his grandmother’s teachings, he has been cooking for more than 25 years and, whenever he can, he cooks for his friends and family. Barberá is the promoter of ‘Peterpaellas’. Pedro  recounts how casually one day when he wanted to share paella with his friends, the people in his closest circle, but they could not meet up  that particular day due to various circumstances. At that moment, the idea came up: “The fact of wanting to enjoy a paella and not having someone to share it with made me consider the idea of ​​creating this application for those who want to make a paella and have a good time in a group”, says the Catadau entrepreneur.

 “This app is the perfect platform to demonstrate your talent and culinary art, because, in addition, there are also many people who want to taste a paella made by a Valencian, without having to go to a restaurant. In this way, the experience is more genuine”, highlights Barberá.

 “All these conditions made me consider the need to develop a platform with these features”. “Many people want to escape from the tourist sites and discover what essential. How a paella is made and enjoyed, as well as enjoying a different type of experience”, highlights Pedro Barberá. ‘Peterpaellas’ works like AirBnb, Blablacar or Tinder. It only takes someone who offers a space, their talent and to make a paella for people who wants enjoy this traditional dish.

 “The operation is simple… Do you eat or cook? It’s like what happens with Blablacar where you drive or are driven  or in an Airbnb where you offer accommodation or are looking for a place to stay. It’s a question of supply and demand but around the table, in this case tasting and sharing paella… making it a fun and original gastronomic experience”, points out Barbera.

“We think of the Valencian saying that says that ‘A la taula y al llit, al primer crit…’ in which the cook puts the place, the space, the type of paella and stipulates the price per diner, like when you make a reservation through of an application”, stresses the creator of Peterpaellas.

How does it work? Any amateur host who has a nice place to cook and enjoy paella can be part of ‘Peterpaellas’ and register in the application. Yes, there is a geographical limitation, since it is limited to hosts from the province of Valencia (for now). The host publishes an experience in which there is a mandatory rice dish… from a Valencian Paella, seafood, arròs a banda and so on… and offers a gastronomic experience, the type of paella dish and number of diners, on a date to be determined.  Guests sign up for the experience. Finally, the guests pay for the experience in advance through the app.

Here is the web link for more details:

Report by 24/7 Valencia team

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