When it comes to thinking of the places where the fashion industry is most prominent, cities like London and Paris and New York and Milan come to mind. They are, after all, the places where we each see an annual and heavily coveted fashion show where designers can showcase their latest collections. However, more recently, other cities have slowly risen up the fashion ranks to show that they too should be at the top when it comes to fashion.

One of these cities is Valencia, which is famous for its art and design scene. Indeed, the World Design Organization has chosen Valencia as ‘World Design Capital 2022’. Also, the city was recently recommended by the magazine ‘Fashion United’ as potentially one of the top cities for fashion, design and shopping. It is in Valencia that you will find fashion that can accommodate everyone, via its many boutiques. For those who prefer the high end designers, Valencia is shown to be a home to a number of major fashion houses. If you prefer more unique clothing or vintage items, you will also be able to shop to your heart’s content and find the perfect clothing item that you have (or even have not) been looking for.

It is, in fact, the vintage shops in Valencia that are especially delightful… with lots of different stores selling second-hand clothing that are still in great condition at a fraction of their original price. An example of one shop is La Vespa Roja,(C/Bolseria, 6, 46001, which can be found on a colourful street in the historic barrio of ‘El Carmen’. Most of the items that the owner sells are from each decade following the 1970s and there are a lot of clothes from local Valencian brands. It is perhaps the store’s tagline that they used on their social media Instagram page that sums them and their philosophy up best:“Style is a prolongation of identity.” After all, it is our clothes that give strangers a first impression of who we are.

One such reason why the vintage stores in Valencia are so decorated is perhaps because of the vast range of items that can be found, if you are looking for a specific item the selection of vintage shops in Valencia do not disappoint. If you are looking for high-end designers then shops like Santo Spirito Vintage (C/ Alta, 22, 46003, feature prominent brands such as Levi’s, Dior, Diesel and Yves Saint Laurent. Like La Vespa Roja, this store can also be found in El Carmen.

If it is accessories that you are vintage shopping for, then Clot Vintage (C/ Quart, n° 2, bajo, 46001, is great for those looking for new shoes and bags.

Needles and Pins Vintage (C/ d’En Bou, 3, 46001, ) is also great for accessories, they often have great bargains on their jewellery selection. If not, Sister Birkin (C/ Mantas, 10, 46001, is shown to have a plethora of beautiful and elegant dresses in a variety of different styles and sizes in order to accommodate for all.

El Monstruo (C. de Calatrava, 11, 46001 Valencia ,”>”> is a well-established shop, just off the emblematic Plaza Negrito… and run by a seamstress & designer from the Valencia region. It specialises in “Handmade and ‘Vintage’ clothes.”

If you head to Ruzafa, then you will find the only vintage store that sells items by weight in Valencia, Flamingos Vintage Kilo (C/ Cadiz, 17, 46004, They keep their stock refreshed by bringing in new items every other day, most of which are shown to be 1990s fashion.

Just this small number of vintage shops mentioned showcases how amazing vintage shopping in Valencia is. If you want to see for yourself, then the above shops that have been named all have their own social media accounts on Instagram. Between the vintage stores mentioned and the many others in Valencia, you can just about find everything clothing-wise that you are looking for.

No matter what you are looking for, each vintage shop in Valencia is shown to have its own personality and is unique in who they are and what they sell. The shops have consequently become a reflection of the fashion in Valencia, revealing why the city is becoming one of fashion’s best. It is clear that, when it comes to vintage fashion, Valencia is at the top of its game.

‘24/7 Valencia’ report by Rhianydd Sword
Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo ‘Madame Mim’ in Ruzafa (Valencia)

Here is an article about ‘Vintage Shopping’ in the hip barrio of Ruzafa:

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