The last two months of the year in Valencia are set to be full of flamenco thanks to the wide array of shows put on by Panorama Flamenco.

November 5th: Panorama Flamenco hosts Lucerito de Las Marismas at Valencia’s iconic ‘16 Toneladas’.

Since moving to Madrid and starting work as a dancer for various singers and TV channels, Lucerito de las Marismas has become steeped in different artistic styles on stage, flamenco as well as other disciplines. It is here we can appreciate  influences, from cabaret to Canalla Bachata and covers of traditional music as well as other songs closer to pop… without losing the spirit nor the emotion of sung flamenco. This up and coming Valenciano achieves the perfect fusion between Spanish music, dance and language.

Doors open: 19:00h – Concert begins: 19:30h


November 15th: Panorama Flamenco presents a concert featuring dancer Irene De la Rosa and her new show “Minimal” at the Teatre Talia. Through this performance the dancer reflects upon the aesthetic of flamenco and how this influences both the public’s and the artist’s perception of the art form. Starting dancing at only five years old, her main styles now include classical, contemporary and Spanish dance.

Concert begins: 20:00h


November 19th: Panorama Flamenco’s  Autumn Festival will be featuring Maruja Limón at 16 Toneladas this year, with their new third album “Lives,” an original compendium of vitalist pieces that conserve their special combination of flamenco fusion, pop and latin rhythms. Since their debut, the quintet has won prizes such as “artistic revelation” at the ARC 2018 awards, and they have graced the stages of various prestigious festivals such as, Eurosonic, Sziget Festival and Trans Musicales, to name but a few.

Doors open 19:00h – Concert begins 19:30h


November 27th: Panorama Flamenco will be showcasing the talents of the legendary flamenco trio: Benavent, Di Geraldo and Pardo in a morning concert at 16 Toneladas. During a career spanning two decades, this trio have been part of multiple projects and collaborations, both together and separately. Pardo and Benavent joined the sextet of Paco de Lucía, while Di Geraldo recorded with Camaron de la Isla. Benavent started his musical journey progressive rock; Pardo, an award-winning flamenco/  jazz musician and Di Geraldo, an Asturian born in Toulouse and raised on punk. The trio formed almost by chance, as they emerged from an accidental performance in Barcelona, where the rest of the scheduled musicians failed to arrive. Their primary style is the fusion of jazz and flamenco, which they recognize as “their common territory.”

Doors open: 12:00h – Concert begins: 12:30h


December 7th: Panorama Flamenco’s  Autumn Festival will also feature Tomasito, touring his album “Ciudadano Gitano” (Romany citizen) with his full band featuring two guitarists, drummer and bass guitar at 16 Toneladas. Tomasito brings his own personal and unique touch to the stage, combining flamenco, rumba, rock “n” roll, funk and hip hop.

Concert begins: 23:00h


December 17th: Capullo de Jerez graces the stage at 16 Toneladas this December. He is one of the only payo (non-Romany) singers that has achieved recognition and success amongst the Romany community. His mastery of music is not limited to the festive songs that have made him so popular. His concerts attest to this where he displays a great range and a stage presence that is hard to forget. Capullo de Jerez is an old school flamenco artist, bringing his own personal stamp and style to the art form. He brings the music of Jerez to flamenco, like the famous bulería. As he states “Our singing is different to any other place. It is the same with our dancing, here we don’t only stamp, we move our arms, our bodies…”. He has played with giants of the flamenco scene including la Paquera, Tío Borrico and even Paco de Lucía!

Concert begins:19:30h

 Make sure to get tickets before they’re gone!


16 Toneladas

Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3 (46009) València, Valencia

Phone: +34 963 49 45 84


Tickets available at:

Lucerito de Las Marismas

Maruja Limón:

Benavent, Di Geraldo and Pardo:…/


Capullo de Jerez


Teatre Talia

Carrer dels Cavallers, 31, 46001 València, Valencia


Irene de Rosa

Phone: +34 96 391 29 20


Report by Danny Weller

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

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