Lidl cheeses are still synonymous with quality: the company has won 8 awards at the most prestigious awards in the sector, ICDA and WCA. Lidl continues to bet on leading the category through “Lidl’s Cheese Factory”, a segment recognized in recent years through these internationally renowned awards. Up to eight national cheeses from the supermarket chain have been awarded this 2022 in those considered worldwide as the Oscars of cheeses, the prestigious World Cheese Awards ( WCA ) and International Cheese & Dairy Awards ( ICDA ). Oveja with Trufa, Jalapeño, Black Garlic cheese, de Mojo Picón and el Queso al Pedro Ximénez were already awarded last year thanks to their high quality and competitive prices.

The cheeses of the Lidl supermarket chain expand their international recognition this 2022 and it is reaffirmed for another year that it has some of the best cheeses in the world on its shelves. The company’s participation in the World Cheese Awards (WCA) and in the International Cheese & Dairy Awards (ICDA) has resulted in eight awards for the fourth consecutive year. The award-winning pieces, all domestically produced, are from their own brands Roncero, Deluxe and their wide premium selection “La Quesería de Lidl.”

This year, the winners in question are as follows. Within the selection “ The Lidl Quesería ”; Trufado Sheep Cheese Wedge ( Silver in IDCA and bronze in WCA ), Sheep’s cheese with Jalapeño ( Gold in IDCA ), Sheep’s cheese with Picón Mojo ( Gold in IDCA ), Cheese Wedge Aged to Pedro Ximénez ( Gold in WCA ) and Sheep’s Cheese with Black Garlic ( Silver in IDCA ). From the Christmas assortment “Deluxe ” and novelty this 2022; Sheep’s cheese with Black Olive ‘ Deluxe ’ ( Bronze in IDCA ). In addition, from its brand ‘Roncero’; Curated Mixed Cheese Tail ‘ Roncero ’ ( Bronze in WCA ), and Traditional Goat’s Fresh Cheese ‘ Roncero ’ ( Silver in WCA)

Sheep’s cheeses with Truffle, Jalapeño, Black Garlic, Mojo Picón and Pedro Ximénez cheese are again winning awards this year. The Trufado Cheese variety has improved its results by acquiring IDCA silver in addition to WCA bronze. For its part, Jalapeño’s maintains its gold in the IDCA, Mojo Picón goes from silver to gold in the same contest, the one in Black Garlic exchanges its bronze WCA for a silver IDCA and the one made for Pedro Ximénez continues with his gold in the WCA.

Lidl is committed to leading the category of “Cheeses” within the large distribution sector and positioning itself as the supermarket where you can find the best and largest offer of cheeses in number of varieties for all kinds of tastes. The good results obtained year after year in these prestigious awards are given thanks to the high quality standards that Lidl imposes on its products, especially through its ‘La Quesería de Lidl’ section, which since 2020 has provided customers with gourmet cheeses of Spanish and international origin at very competitive prices.

The World Cheese Awards were held last November in Wales and celebrated its 34th edition, where more than 4,000 varieties of cheese from 40 different countries participated. On the other hand, the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, with a long tradition in the United Kingdom, They evaluate more than 5,500 products each year and released their 2022 results in June.

Miguel Paradela, General Director of Purchases at Lidl Spain, celebrates the success of the products for another year. “With each edition, Lidl’s commitment to offering its customers the best quality cheeses and for all tastes is reaffirmed. Our clients do not need to resort to specialized establishments that surely offer them inaccessible prices. At Lidl, the consumer can find the best cheeses in the world at very attractive prices ”, says the executive.

 Lidl’s commitment to Spain

From its responsibility as a large company, Lidl works more than ever to reinforce its commitment to Spain and contribute decisively to the economic, labor and social development of the country. In this sense, the company continues to generate wealth throughout the territory thanks to the opening of new stores and logistics platforms, the creation of new stable and quality jobs and the purchase of more national and regional products, promoting and internationalizing the businesses of its suppliers. All this being close to the most vulnerable groups with projects that improve their lives, without ever giving up sustainability as the main axis of its activity and always offering the cheapest shopping basket to its customers.

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About Lidl

Lidl is a food distribution chain with a presence of more  than 25 years in Spain, where thanks to the increasing confidence of its customers, it is already the third operator in the sector by market share. Today, it has a network of more than 650 stores and 11 logistics platforms and a staff of more than 17,500 people. Lidl also works closely with more than 900 national suppliers to whom it already buys a product worth about 5,700 M € per year, exporting more than half. Lidl Supermarkets is the subsidiary in Spain of the German Lidl Stiftung, a company that is also integrated into the Schwarz Group, the fourth world operator in the field of food distribution. Currently, Lidl as a group is the leading supermarket chain in Europe and is present in some thirty countries in the world, with a structure of more than 12,000 establishments and more than 200 logistics centres and with a staff of more than 360,000 people.


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