How often do we make time to look up and appreciate the buildings and sights around us? Alex Z Nicholson’s new exhibition in ‘La Cava del Negret’ ‘is a collection of original drawings that reminds us of the richness of our everyday environment. ‘Mira Arriba!’, the title, meaning ‘Look up!’ is a reminder that there is a wealth of detail and beauty around us that we do not always see in our day-to-day lives.You might have seen the familiar figure of Valencia-based artist Alex Z. Nicholson crouched outside the cathedral or one of the beautiful market buildings in and around the centre of Valencia. Alex has settled in Valencia after training as an illustrator in the UK. He specialises in drawing live on the spot, documenting daily life and the amazing buildings and people he sees in meticulous detail.

Alex says “Sometimes I get a small crowd of people watching me draw. I love that people are interested and it doesn’t put me off at all! Over the years I’ve drawn events from carnivals, to protests, to weddings, and you have to work quickly to capture the moments  – that’s really enjoyable, but so is being able to spend more time making sure I’ve got all the details of buildings like La Lonja.”

Alex’s exhibition at ‘La Cava del Negret’ features a collection of original drawings from Valencia and a few from further afield all of which are for sale. The exhibition will be on until mid-January 2024! More info:

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C/ Calatrava, 15

Tel: 963 923 301

Zona Carmen

Open Monday to Friday  from 5pm until 1.30 am / Saturday to Sunday from 12.00 pm until 1.30 am

Please check their Facebook page for holiday hours.

More info:

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