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FUNKSOCIEDAD DJ’S Collective! Next Saturday, 30 December 2023; 23:30h. at ‘CHIC’ Music club!  The prizes for renowned DJs will include FUNKSOCIEDADAD DJs AWARDS &  CHIC MUSIC CLUB AWARDS. A spokesman for ‘FUNKSOCIEDAD’ added: “We will recognise the artistic trajectory of the DJs who have influenced  our musical taste and to the professionals of the Nightlife and the Music Industry that have been so important for our experiences and our emotions too. The access will be free, it will be a moment of reunion for professionals of the audiophile world, vinyl geeks and night owls with very good musical vibes. We are waiting for you!”

Chic Music club
C/ Ciscar 25, VLC


An exclusive ‘24/7 Valencia’ interview with the legendary German Valenzuela Soler of ‘Funk Sociedad’ DJs Collective, VLC.

24/7 VALENCIA: What can you tell our readers about Funk Sociedad DJ s Collective, VLC?

GERMAN VALENZUELA SOLER: It is a recreational-cultural collective formed by friends and professionals that brings together different artists, DJs, different artists, producers and people from the world of entertainment, whose purpose is to support the music scene and promote the Mediterranean character of the “outdoors way of life” that unites us so much.

Our commitment consists of programming sessions of Vinyl DJs in different venues, pubs, terraces, bars, clubs and pubs, terraces, restaurants, hotels, always supporting the music industry, with our suitcases full of vinyl records….giving visibility to this trend that some consider vintage but which is very cool and irresistible. We like vinyl records and the way they work. It’s pure pleasure, nothing to do with digital sessions.

What genres or styles of music do you cover? We have always maintained a clear and strong commitment to roots music, mainly with Afro-American genres such as Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Groove, Acid, Jazz, Free Style. Also with world music such as Afro Beat, Reggae, Latin, Boogaloo. MPB, Samba. As well as other innovative genres such as Electro Swing, Nu Jazz and Electro Bossa.

Who are the members of Funk Sociedad DJ ́s Collective? We are ….Xino DJ (VLC), German Valenzuela (VLC), Rich Mack (London) , Javier Romero (VLC), Mar Label (ALC), Miss Pimm ̈s (VLC), M. Crossfaker (VLC), Paco Swan (VLC), Dr. Comomolo (MAD), Julio Ticky Sonico (VLC), Alberto Moura (Brazil), Ricardo Gandía (VLC) and many more.

Where can you be seen nowadays? In the area of Cánovas, the new Pub “CHIC”, in calle Ciscar, 25.

How do you see the music scene in Valencia? We are living an optimal moment of recovery where there is room for many musical styles and diverse artists. If you set your mind to it, you can find the music you like in the city and enjoy it. It’s not all about reggaeton, it’s a question of getting informed and moving around. This city is full of ‘arte’ & grooves & special events and is worth discovering.


Interview by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’


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