KAMIKAZE: “My full name is Francisco José Lozano’ and I was born in Valencia in December, 1985. My writer’s name is ‘Kamikaze De Versos.’ For as long as I can remember, I have been writing. My first period of putting pen to paper was from the age of 11 until I was about 15 years old. However, as a teenager, it was not really acceptable to show so many feelings in words. So, I turned my back on my writing from that period and sort of put it to one side and hid it away from sight. But then came the pandemic and my current partner discovered everything that I had actually kept (in some shape or form) and that nobody had known about!

My friends and family are important to me regarding feedback. Indeed, I remember laughing as my mother told me from which page of poetry I had copied what I had sent her by Whatsapp….jajajaja. From all that fuss came my first book “KAMIKAZE DE VERSOS” just like my author’s name. It is perhaps the most real and personal work. It was an incredible experience but I felt, at the time, that I didn’t really want to continue down that particular path. However, in the end, as always, I did actually go back to writing some more.

Between my partner, an author and the insistence of a publishing house, I published my second book entitled “EL VERSO QUE NUNCA TE  DI” (The verse I never gave you). The title was very easy to come up with, as my maternal grandmother died years before I came to light as a writer. So, I wanted to pay her a small tribute. ”


KAMIKAZE: “As for my way of writing, it is not traditional poetry at all. I respect the tradition but I don’t follow it as that is not really my idea of what poetry is. My poetry is that which, with simple language and a lot of feeling, is able to reach our hearts. That is what makes sense to me regarding writing in this genre. With this second book I have reached the 3rd edition!  I have done book signings and recitals in places that I would have never imagined like FNAC , El Corte Inglés, Casa del Libro, Abacus, Libro Ideas. Also, I have travelled  to cities like  Murcia, Alicante, Mallorca, Castellón, Barcelona, Teruel and Madrid. I don’t know if I will reach the desired fame of many of my colleagues, nor do I really do it for economic benefits. I do it to see people’s faces when they read my work, to see how I broaden horizons with my words and above all for my two little daughters at home.”

 Interview by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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