24/7 VALENCIA: Could you explain to us more about this distinctive architecture conference?

WAYCO RUZAFA:  The event “Practical guide to destroy the city”  are two hours of your life invested in understanding why many public spaces in our city would fail an examination regarding inclusiveness, citizenship and sustainability. This is a  conference on feminist, experimental and futuristic architecture and design in Valencia.

There will be Four talks. Six speakers and a leading journalist.

Is Previous knowledge  required? No.

Does València have to interest you? Yes.

Will you enjoy it? We very much hope so.

Where: wayCO Ruzafa. Sala Mercat.

When: Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00 p.m.

What does it cost? It’s  free.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Speakers: 6



18:30h Come say hello, grab a beer and relax.

19:00h Presentation

With Amparo Soria, editor at Levante-EMV.

19.15h Plaza del Mercat, a new model of inclusive and accessible urban planning.

The recent remodeling of the surroundings of the Central Market, the Lonja and the Plaza de Bruges is characterized by having been approached from a gender perspective. ¿The result? A unified urban space, with character and designed for citizens, in which the assets of cultural interest present in the area have been respected. With Inés Novella, Researcher of the UNESCO Chair in Gender, UPM. Professor of Urban Planning, UPV.

19:30h Enjoy the city

This project talks about the need for freedom in cities and the search for powerful symbols of reuse. In it, different symbolic locations of the city of Valencia are shown, with daring and fun uses… and out of the ordinary. Abandoned and degraded places, wasted spaces or small corners with their own identity, are used as a canvas to rethink the city. With Juan Suay and Bernat Ivars, from the Valencian architecture studio Quatre Caps.

19:45h Experimental failures and El Ágora

Taking as a starting point the traditional celebration of failures, we will reflect on the commodification of public space and the need to put the accent on the most creative aspect of the celebration. With Miguel Arraiz, architect of the Arqueha studio.

20:00h The Wind Tower

A monolith 170 metres high, which will rise in the Port of Valencia and that will harness the force of the wind to produce enough energy to supply the Navy. With Pablo Camarasa, from the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos team.

20:20h Colloquium between the speakers.

20:50h “Networking”

Time to talk to other people.

Collaborators: Mahou.




Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


wayCO Ruzafa
C/ Almirante Cadarso 26, Valencia

+34 962 062 324


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