District 008 is an annual event with the format of an urban, neighborhood festival, which was born in 2013 with the intention of reflecting this dymamic part of Valencia and culturally and commercially promoting 008 of the ‘Extramurs’ neighborhood of Valencia, which includes the Botanico & Juan Llorens districts…

District 008 was born as a platform that aims to bring together all those shops, restaurants and places that make this District what it is: one of the areas with most cultural activity in the city and to invite the local residents and visitors from other neighbourhoods with a double purpose: to experience the neighborhood from within and to make it known outside of it.

District 008 Urban Festival is a showcase, a sample, a neighborhood tasting and a celebration. It is the moment in which the premises and streets of ‘Extramurs’ are filled with art, music, dance, theatre, circus, gastronomy, poetry, fashion …

Main objectives
1. To highlight the cultural fabric of the district of Extramurs and position it as a commercial, leisure and cultural area in the city of Valencia.

2. Offer quality leisure and culture alternatives that bet on the sustainability of life in the neighborhood and at the same time boost their potential.

3. Contribute to the promotion of leisure and culture locally, favoring the wealth of neighborhoods and increasing the diversity on offer in the city. To know Valencia beyond the walls and passing fashions.

5. Claim the use of public space in a more human way through actions and activities that interest the public.

6. Encourage the participation of artists from other parts of the country through exchanges with other festivals.

7. In the medium to long term, achieve economic stability that allows us to give back correctly to all the people involved in the project (workers, artists, collaborators, etc.)

For more information re: April 2018 programme

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