One day, 20 or 50 years from now, our children or grandchildren will come across an ‘Automatic City’ record and say, with stars in their eyes: “Hey, what kind of band is this?” It’s Eric Duperray and Emmanuel Mercier, two guys who dig music and also love to come across records and ask themselves pretty much the same question:  “Just what kind of band is this?”

They come from Lyon, where they created ‘Automatic City’ in 2015 to resurrect the music they love, to give free rein to their fantasies based on a cross between legendary blues, great black music, B-series rock’n’roll or exotica of unknown origin …

Introducing their latest album, ‘Hum Drum’, which delves into the 1970s and takes them to another level in the form of a psychedelic spiral of sorts. This album was born a little over a year ago, coming out of the not-so-funky period the pandemic. It’s like a desire to get back to some sort of roots, probably with less blues, but with more light, sequins, keyboards, drum machines, electricity and, above all, a groove that makes all the tracks vibrate. New references that are on the side of vintage funk, of the free trips of the psychedelic era, when the electric guitar and the sitar merged to make cowboys & cowgirls dance in bell-bottoms…

Report by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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Tuesday 23 January 2024

21:00h (doors) / 21:30h (concert)


C/ Ricardo Micó, 3




Advance ticket 12€(+gg) (; 16€ at the box office (Ticket sales at the box office subject to availability)

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