Valencian Artist and recognised specialist in the investigation of emergency-inducing phenomena and rescue procedures in Cultural Heritage, Inmaculada Chuliá brings “The symbolic language of flowers” to the  ‘Casino de Agriculture’ of Valencia in January 2024.

Throughout 17 works of oil on canvas, Chuliá collects the symbolism of flowers in different cultures and highlights them as a universal example of the expression of emotion, as well as a promise of a new future and a celebration of life in its purest meaning, with colours that explode and merge into an abstract whole. Chuliá finds a way of expressing the aesthetic ideal in nature, providing great symbolism to each of the paintings, even analysing the fragile nature of existence through the depiction of withering flowers. .


The Royal Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports, better known as the Agricultural Casino, is located in the centre of the city, a meeting point for the Valencian socioeconomic and cultural world. Linked at its birth to the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country, it continues hosting numerous cultural activities in addition to having social correspondence with 60 clubs in Spain and 40 others across the world. This means that, if you are a member of the Agricultural Casino of Valencia, you are also a member of prestigious clubs throughout Spain and in more than 40 other countries.

Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


 “El lenguaje simbólico de las flores”

Inma Chuliá

Art exhibition

From January 2024



C/ de les Comèdies, 12

Ciutat Vella



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