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Benimaclet ConFusion Festival (October 16 & 17)

#Searching for something to do this weekend? Look no further than Benimaclet’s ConFusión Festival!

With exhibitions ranging from music, film, dance, art, and all things creative, ConFusión is an opportunity to get involved with the local community and celebrate life. The variety of events held at the festival are guaranteed to surprise and engage audiences. A few examples of these incredibly diverse performances may include:
• Dancing Pleasure – Participative performance and feminist twerking workshop
• Submarine Bar – Oneiric bar that serves cocktails of water, fire and air
• Dark Side of the Moon – The hidden side of romanticism in contemporary juggling
• ‘I love to dance but I don’t like it’ – A workshop for those that love to dance, but you think they are terrible at it
• Horacio Bort – Indie Folk duo with quiet songs in Valencian and Spanish
• Hot Jazz Union – Traditional jazz training with an acoustic music that transports you to New Orleans
The above is a tiny selection from the various shows that are on throughout the weekend.

A unique and authentic barrio of Valencia, Benimaclet has been home to ConFusión since 2014. The festival’s inception came when three friends were playing music together and decided to create a festival with an emphasis on creating a social impact and giving back to the community. This idea of selflessness over money-making has remained an intrinsic part of the festival to this day.

Rather unconventionally, this festival is a non-profit event with all proceeds (donations and collaborations) going towards funding for the making-of costs. All activities during the weekend are free of charge, demonstrating the importance the festival team place on accessibility and inclusivity.

ConFusión aims to leave its audience feeling inspired, encouraging people to communicate their experiences and share their ideas through their interactive exhibitions. Their website states that they “believe that though artistic expressions [they] can break barriers, bring down prejudice and encounter with other people that dare to share”. This wholesome and progressive attitude ensures that the festival will be enjoyable to those of all ages and backgrounds, bringing together communities through the power of artistic expression.

Article by Tom Bache
Article copyright Tom Bache / 24/7 Valencia

ConFusión Festival
Website – https://beniconfusionfest.es/en/home
Address: Barrio of Benimaclet (Valencia)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beniconfusionfest
Times: All day Saturday and Sunday / October 16 & 17

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