Positioned at the top of the Turia Gardens in Valencia, Bioparc Valencia is a unique concept of “zoo immersion” rather than your typical animal park. The Bioparc is easily accessed via walking through El Jardin Del Turia, alternatively there are several buses around the city that stop right at the entrance. There is also a car park that does not need to be pre-booked, costing 6€ for up to 10 hours. With discounts for seniors, children, groups, students and free access for children under four years old, Bioparc is an incredible day out for the whole family or friendship group.

The zoo immersion design manages to completely immerse guests into careful recreations of natural habitats and feel as though they are actively walking through an animal home, as opposed to looking in on an exhibit. The habitats are designed with careful detail to the landscape and vegetation and the idea in mind that visual barriers should not exist between the guest and animal where possible.

The animals are not the only attraction here, the landscaping and attention to detail across the entire park in incredible… with every step surrounding guests with varieties of trees, flowers and water features. Bioparc aim for their guests to: “…move through beauty, impressed with the aesthetics so that we become aware of preserving it. To provoke a change of behaviour that motivates us to live in harmony with the planet”.

The incorporation of multi-species enclosures allows animals to co-live in social groups as they would within the wild, it allows guests to enjoy a unique experience that normally would not be seen within a zoo or animal park. Bioparc Valencia’s objective is “moving to conserve” and this is clear within the beauty of the animal exhibitions and the visible happiness of their inhabitants.

My day started by crossing over Turia Park via a large, accessible bridge and entering the world of Bioparc Valencia. I was greeted by a friendly member of staff who offered to take my picture at a designated spot and informed this could be later purchased at the gift shop. The gift shop itself sold anything and everything you could possibly want, with strict Covid hygiene barriers, one-way systems and sanitiser in place to make guests feel at ease.

I travelled across the Equatorial Forrest and Wetlands for the first part of my day, visiting the Crocodiles, Elephants, Giant Tortoises, Hippos, Leopards and Snakes before arriving at the Baobab Forest. This is where the majority of Monkeys are housed, including the remarkable Silverback Gorilla Mambie, who arrived at the Bioparc in 2007 and has since fathered his own family of 9 other Gorillas.

For lunch I visited Restaurant Samburu. For 15.20€ I received a salad, pasta dish, side of bread, dessert and soft drink, that was vegetarian friendly. All dishes here and prepared on site by staff in an open kitchen and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and high quality of food. However, the highlight of this meal was the seating – the restaurant is immersed within the Savannah, and you can animal watch whilst enjoying your food. There is nothing quite like Paella whilst Giraffes and Lions walk by!

After lunch I walked the full loop of the Savannah, dipping in and out of cave-like buildings to see the more nocturnal animals such as the Gambian Pouched Rat. The Savannah is cleverly designed so it looks as though the Lion can reach its prey, such as the Zebras, due to the invisible barriers and smart landscaping.

To finish the day, I entered the Madagascar zone, passing through two monitored doors you enter the actual enclosure and have nothing but respect to separate yourself from the Lemurs that call this home. Flamingos can also be spotted bathing by a waterfall as Yellow-Billed Storks watch over.

The Bioparc could be covered within a long morning or an afternoon, but I think it is best enjoyed with plenty of time to sit and watch the animals live as they would in the wild. The attention to detail and care for the animals is apparent and everything is within excellent condition within the park. I noticed staff throughout the day picking up any stray litter and maintaining the foliage. Bioparc has three main principles: conservation, education and sustainable pursuit. And these are all demonstrated in every aspect of the park.

Report & photos by Elizabeth Williams
Article & photo copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

Avenida de Pío Baroja 3,
Tel: 960 660 526
Email –
Website –

General (13-64 years) 23.80€
Children (4-12 years) 18.00€
Senior (65 years plus) 17.50€
Children Under 4 Years FREE

(See for discounts on Bioparc website)

Opening Times:
Open 365 days a year from 10am (ticket office opens 09:30h) until 18:00h – 21:00h depending on the month and daylight hours. Summer months and weekends, the Bioparc stays open until later.

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