‘Cabanyal Íntim’ (MAY 6th-16th) (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

24/7 VALENCIA: Could you tell us more about the presentation of Cabanyal Íntim 2021?

CABANYAL ÍNTIM: “The Cabanyal Íntim Festival will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary, scheduled for 6th to 16th of May under the slogan ‘El Tiempo.’

Under the historic setting of the ‘Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània’, in a playful atmosphere and with all the protection and security measures for Covid , Cabanyal Íntim unveiled the poster for its new edition. An image created by the creative studio Cabeza y Muslo, formed by the designers Juan Domingo and Elisa Huerta, linked to the festival since 2014 as the authors of the design of the programme and responsible for the adaptation of the image, which each year is signed by an artist, to the different communication supports. On this occasion, they have been the authors of the image of this special edition.

Just as the companies interpret the slogan each year and adapt it to their creative universe, Cabeza y Muslo wanted to capture this diversity of views and approaches when designing the poster: “The first idea was to approach this range of interpretations, this mosaic of stereotypical ideas of Time and select the elements that form part of our collective memory and that we identify with the passing of time, the hours, the seasons, etc.”, explained the designers. As a result of this process, they created their own scenario, “in which all these elements dialogue with each other, creating a story to which each spectator must give his or her own meaning”. And all this in order to achieve “a disturbing, enigmatic image and to transmit that overwhelming sensation that Time itself leaves us by handling us every day at its whim”.

Artists and companies from other editions

After the presentation of the poster, Isabel Caballero, director of the festival, recalled how during all these years “we have ridden with the most experimental and stimulating performing arts, hosting talent, originality and new blood in the homes of the neighbourhood and other unique spaces”.

A decade of activity, only interrupted last year by the pandemic, in which “we have grown thanks to the participation of the city’s performing arts sector, both consolidated and emerging, and to the loyalty of a dedicated and faithful audience”. For them, the festival has prepared a programme “in which we have many artists and companies that participated in other editions, such as Aérea Teatro, La Teta Calva, Inés Cárdenas, the Miss Panamá collective, Antonio Iglesias, Mam Producciones (Miguel Ángel Montilla), Eva Zapico, Jimena Cavalletti and Pepa Cases, among many others”.

The stage offer of the 10th Cabanyal Íntim, tickets for which are on sale, is designed for all audiences. It includes the premiere of 6 short plays, the exhibition of 2 long plays and 2 children’s plays, one of them for babies, Mamá Natura, whose premiere was hosted by the festival in its first edition. All of this will be complemented by Íntims a poqueta nit, 4 theatrical concerts, including Luna y Panorama de los insectos, a band that was present at the first editions of the festival and will perform in the incomparable setting of the Monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes, which is collaborating with the festival for the first time.

Territori Performance will host 6 live art performances at the Teatre El Musical, and among the parallel activities there will be documentary screenings, a tour of the neighbourhood, a dramatised writing workshop given by Eva Zapico and sponsored by the SGAE, and a three-dimensional theatre event.

The music of Miguelitos and the performance of the artistic band formed by Pepa Cases and Héctor Tirado put the icing on the cake for this pre-celebration of the tenth anniversary of Cabanyal Íntim.”

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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