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After a year of silence. to recharge and reconsider its future, the ‘Cabanyal Íntim’ Festival raises its voice again to celebrate its 12th edition with a return to its ‘Origins,’ a theme that will structure its entire programme next spring.

“Last year, we interrupted our journey because it was unsustainable, but the festival now returns to the origins of its creation to show support for the performing arts and, through them, resist in these challenging times for culture,” says its artistic director, Isabel Caballero.

Aware of the severe cuts to culture by the new regional government and the risk this poses to the sector, the event has decided to rearm itself with its theatre of resistance and move forward: “Now more than ever, it is necessary to continue with these types of projects. It won’t be an easy edition, but we count on the unconditional support of Teatro El Musical (TEM), part of the neighbourhood, artists, companies, and the audience that has followed and supported us since the first edition. For this reason, and for all the affection we have received from the citizens in this year of absence, we have decided that Valencia could not be without its Cabanyal Íntim.”

With a shorter and simpler format and a shorter duration than in previous editions, the festival will take place from May 16th to 19th and will be held entirely in the Cabañal neighbourhood. “We will continue to support Valencian companies and new dramaturgies, betting on stimulating stage experiences that connect us with the human being and the neighbourhood environment,’ explains Caballero. “In this way, the festival will once again be ‘an opportunity for meeting and reflection where we can celebrate life despite the turbulent times we are living in.”

The guidelines for this new call for submissions are now available starting today on the festival’s website and will be open for three weeks, from December 11th to December 31st.

Organized by Francachela Teatro, ‘Cabanyal Íntim’ is a social and cultural project that was born in 2011 to combat the demolition plan of the Valencia City Council at that time, bringing performing arts into the homes of the neighborhood threatened with demolition.

The guidelines for the new festival call for submissions are now open until December 31st.


Report by Carlos Catalán Ruz

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


Cabanyal Íntim Press

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Emial: prensacabanyalintim@gmail.com

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