Set in a mellow corner of the historic centre, ‘Café Museu’ can rightfully claim to have a worthy history all of its own. As one of the first bohemian bars of the Barrio del Carmen, it was founded in 1972 as ‘Raco.’ It was a favourite haunt of the local Art students whose college then overlooked the café bar. Loyal to their hangout, some of these ‘artistas’ still make time to meet here and gently continue putting the world to rights…

In the year 2000, Raco became ‘Café Museu’ and the impressive terraza faces the ‘Museo Centro del Carmen’ which has monthly exhibitions featuring local, national and international artists from the past and present.

Valencian owner César has been running the place for many years now… and is a popular, kindly, informed and helpful host. They attract a liberal crowd of all ages and and he tells us that the clientele is 70% Spanish and 30% foreign, which makes it a welcoming place to chill out and soak up the tolerant vibes…

Conveniently, you will find that their menu is also in English. You can enjoy Spanish omelette or cheese and ham platters. Check out their ‘roasted peppers with cod’, which is an authentic Valencian dish locally known as ‘Esgarraet.’ You can also savour crosissants and homemade sponge cake with a range of espressos, cappuccinos, horchata, fresh orange juice, herbal and iced tea.

You can enjoy Valencian Draft Beer ‘Turia Marzen’, the Catalan ‘Voll Damn’ and Spanish ‘Alhambra reserva’. They have Mojito made-on-the-spot and other cocktails include Vodka with rum and gin, Sangria and more.

They serve a really decent paella every Sunday and they have an auction some Wednesdays from 21h, selling objects like old toys, books and vinyl records.

From the exterior, check out the huge and distinctive ovalish window that leads to the boho interior, replete with indoor seating and magazines as well as a little stage and comics on the walls. It’s well worth experiencing this slice of Valencian café-culture whatever the season…

24/7 Valencia team

Café Museu
C/ Museu, 7
Tel: 96 0 725 047


Open Tuesday –Thursday 09.00h -23.00h
Friday 09.00h -01.00h/ Saturday 11.00h -01.00h
Sunday 11.00h -23.00h


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