“Casino Rock”, an exclusive restaurant for members of Casino de Agricultura, has recently made its grand opening. Run by Andrés and Mario Hidalgo, the brothers have relocated from Madrid back to their native Valencia.

Passion, tradition, and fusion all symbolise Casino Rock. Through combining traditional Mediterranean cuisine with Asian flourishing, this restaurant is both modern and classic at once. Open from eleven until late, you can choose to sip your morning coffee with a newspaper or enjoy a cocktail at the bar post-work.

Rest assured, Casino Rock is a place for special occasions. The exquisite range of ingredients incorporates meat and fish market products of the best quality. Additionally, a lot of care is taken in the food presentation; you are likely to find yourself appreciating the beauty of the plate. Examples of dishes include: squid and cauliflower rice, electric melon soup, sabanero burrito, amongst many. The menus of the day bring together price, quality and the taste of a lifetime. It is twenty euros for a starter, main and dessert, including a drink or coffee.

Casino de Agricultura’s Facebook describes Casino Rock as a restaurant for ‘members and friends’. This sense of community is maintained through the restaurant’s cosy setting. Providing a lounge area alongside a dining room, the restaurant’s setting creates the illusion of being entertained at an exclusive dinner party.

This is perhaps no surprise, considering the history of Casino de Agricultura. Casino de Agricultura, formally known as the Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes, is located within the historic centre of Valencia. Founded in 1859, its nineteenth-century architecture will provide a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. It has historical links to Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del Pais, a club founded to promote the economy of the places where they settle. By being a member of Casino de Agricultura, members gain access to sixty other clubs in Spain and forty internationally.


Report by Anusha Vasudeva

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


Restaurant ‘Casino Rock’, Casino de Agricultura

Carrer de les Comèdies, 12



963 51 71 42

Menu every day from 13.00h -16.30h for 20€ (dessert and drink included). Friday to Sunday (lunch) is 25€

Thursdays / Fridays/ Saturdays/ carta from 19.30h to 23.30h

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