The captivating Mostra de València film festival is coming to an end soon…but we are not ready to leave the cinemas just yet! Inspired by the incredible films showcased during the event, we would like to go back to the very cinema that was one of the places that hosted those remarkable movies. So, if you are looking to enjoy a great variety of independent and popular films in the original languages, Cines Babel is a place for you!

Among their current screenings, we can find David Fincher’s cold new feature ‘The Killer’, where we follow the assassin (Michael Fassbender) going on an international manhunt; or Nimród Antal’s ‘Retribution’, where a financier (Liam Neeson) finds himself stuck in a twisted car-chase game with lives at stake. In November, we will have the chance to see the critically acclaimed Celine Song’s debut drama ‘Past Lives’ where two deeply connected childhood friends reunite after 20 years to confront their life choices.

At the heart of this cinema lies a commitment to preserving the authentic cinematic experience. To uphold this dedication, they have chosen not to offer or permit snacks within the auditorium (of course, a bottle of water is always allowed). If you find yourself craving a treat, the friendly staff will be more than happy to guide you to their dedicated cinema cafeteria, ensuring that the magic of the silver screen remains undisturbed by culinary distractions.

As part of their exhibitor role, they are curating a diverse range of activities including special cinema screenings for schoolchildren. Additionally, they serve as a programming and cycle design service for other cinemas. At the core, they are proud to play a part in the community which is why they emphasize how they are open to suggestions from their customers to further enrich their range of activities.

In the end, this cosy Valencian cinema offers a perfect setting for a peaceful movie night. Keep in mind, you can buy tickets online or in person but that they often skip the pre-show trailers, so punctuality is key! To learn more about their programme, visit the official website:



Carrer de Vicent Sancho Tello, 10,

46021 València, Valencia


Phone: 963 62 67 95


Report by Konrad Leśniak

Article copyright  ‘24/7 Valencia’

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