Strolling along Carrer de la Reina it is easy to find yourself drawn in by the  hustle of the  atmosphere and the various sights of the increasingly hip Cabanyal area. Amidst the urban energy and the attractive pace of life, a hidden gem immediately captures our attention – a charming yellow café-bar serving also as an international bookstore called ‘La Batisfera’. Celebrating five years of providing a cultural haven, this multi-use cafe bar has become a beloved part of the community.

Throughout the month of October, La Batisfera commemorated its milestone with a splendid lineup of events and workshops. Customers were treated to mesmerizing Flamenco concerts, wine tastings, or DJ sessions. The café also recently hosted its cherished ‘TAPA DEL LIBRO’ event, with books, wines, tapas, and a welcoming atmosphere – a perfect blend of literature and gastronomy.

Do not worry if you missed the October festivities, because La Batisfera has already announced its plans for the upcoming season. In November, the cafe promises the 5th season of musical events with sounds from all over the world, offering an enriching cultural experience for all who step through its doors. ‘La Batisfera’ is more than just a café; it is a cultural hub that continues to inspire and engage its patrons with its eclectic offerings.

Report by Konrad Leśniak

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’



Calle de la Reina, 167,

46011 València (Valencia)


+34 962 04 58 45

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