The Dansa València festival will return to Valencia this April 2-10 as an explosion of contemporary dance and movement art in venues across the city. With shows from 32 dance companies across 19 distinct spaces throughout Valencia, including more unconventional locations such as the Museo de Bellas Artes and Plaza de la Virgen, Dansa València will showcase the very best of Spanish contemporary dance. The festival has reinvigorated its image, and will host 35 performances and nine world premieres.

The annual event is much-anticipated, as its doubled budget and focus on the dance sector as well as the dance market has allowed them to create spaces for professionals to meet and connect, as well as incredible performances for the public.

“Dansa València aims to become a space for meeting, dialogue and plural views. We welcome consolidated creation, that which emerges and that which crosses, that which is born nearby and that which arrives from other territories. This cultural event constitutes an ecosystem of movement that accompanies and supports local creation while at the same time consolidating itself as a platform for contemporary dance created in Spain”, commented the festival’s artistic director, María José Mora.

Unlike Dansa València 2021, this year also includes an international programme, with shows from Greece, the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Of the 32 companies with performances hosted at the festival (7 more companies than previously), 11 are from Valencia, and 18 from the rest of Spain.

After the pandemic forced the festival to be held indoors, we look forward to seeing this celebration of movement return to the street, in many plazas and venues around the city.


Report by Julia McGee-Russell

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’





Address: Institut Valencià de Cultura, Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 17, 46002 València


Instagram: @festivaldansavalencia

Twitter: @DansaValencia


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