David de Limón’s iconic character goes for a stroll at ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ of the Mercado de Colón. The exhibition “Strolling through the heart of the Mercado de Colón” was inaugurated yesterday! Urban artist, illustrator and designer David de Limón has taken his iconic character for a stroll around the Mercado de Colón and has made a stop at ‘Las Cervezas del Mercado’ where all his experiences will be on display. The exhibition “Strolling through the heart of Colón” shows different moments of the character, so mythical in the streets of Valencia, but this time, enjoying some tapas, some beers and strolling through the modernist market.

“Strolling through the heart of Colón” displays pieces of urban art  that fill the walls of Las Cervezas del Mercado with colour, as we all keep in our minds the essence of the character-icon that has accompanied us from the walls of the streets and from so many corners of the city, forming part of more complex mural compositions. In the same way that an illustrator works on paper on a hypothetical character and his universe, David de Limón evolved and expanded the imaginary of his character, but in his case using the walls of the streets as a testing ground. And from Street Art to paper and to the graphic work exhibited now in this exhibiton.

David de Limón began his urban interventions doing graffiti in 1998 with the tag or signature “LIMÓN”, although soon his signature was also represented by the illustration or icon of a slice of lemon that he had been using for years. At the same time he began his academic training studying graphic design at the Barreira school in Valencia. He continued with Artistic Photography at the EASD school in Valencia and spent a year at the Ecole de Saint Luc, in Liege, Belgium. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2014 the work he develops his work in the streets, as an urban artist, consists of repeatedly capturing the illustration of a masked character interacting with the environment.


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Las Cervezas del Mercado

Open every day 9.00 until 00.30

Address: Mercado de Colón, Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19, 46004 Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 963 94 35 21



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