Alejandra González is the first pilgrim to enjoy a few magnificent days in the eternal city by walking the ‘Way of the Holy Grail’ with the Pilgrimage Credential. Rome, November 2023. Just a few weeks ago, the majestic city of Rome became the epicentre of a historic and distictive pilgrimage carried out by Alejandra González who traced the Way of the Holy Grail through the most emblematic places of the Eternal City showing the Pilgrimage Credential. This event marked the official opening of Rome to the Way of the Holy Grail, fusing the rich history of the city with the quest for the Holy Chalice.

Alejandra González, passionate about history and knowledgeable about the work carried out by the ‘Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail’ (based in Valencia), undertook this unique pilgrimage that led her to immerse herself in the knowledge surrounding the Holy Grail. Following in the footsteps of the book “The Holy Grail” by Dr. Ana Mafé García, she visited iconic places that have been linked to the history of the Holy Chalice over the centuries.

One of the highlights of her trip was a visit to the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a place of great historical and spiritual importance. The basilica, with its imposing works of art and stunning architecture, provided Alejandra with a deep insight into the connection between faith and history in the heart of Rome.

In the Sacristy of Santa Maria Maggiore, Alejandra had the opportunity to receive the blessing and the seal on her Pilgrimage Credence of the Way of the Holy Grail. This moment was very emotional according to Alejandra “because she was aware of being the first pilgrim to show her Credential in such an imposing place”. This basilica is known as “the Bethlehem of the West” because the relic of the Holy Cradle is located here.

“It is curious to come to buildings so full of history and to reflect on the importance of these sacred objects in culture and religion,” says Alejandra.

In addition to the spiritual experiences, Alejandra also enjoyed the gastronomic delights that Rome has to offer in the context of the Way of the Holy Grail. The Taverna Le Coppelle is a first class gastronomic space in the heart of the city. And it presents pilgrims on the Way of the Holy Grail with the “pilgrims’ menu”, a culinary experience designed to honour the tradition and spirituality of the pilgrimage.

Taverna Le Coppelle, known for its welcoming atmosphere and culinary excellence, offered Alejandra a series of carefully selected dishes reflecting Rome’s rich gastronomic heritage. This was all thanks to showing her the Pilgrimage Credential of the Way of the Holy Grail upon her arrival.

This historic milestone: the sealing of the Pilgrimage Credential signifies the official opening of the Way of the Holy Grail in Rome in its spiritual and touristic aspect, highlighting Rome’s capacity to evolve and embrace new narratives. Alejandra González’s pilgrimage serves as a reminder that, even in a city so steeped in history, there is always room for exploration and connection to the divine.

The Eternal City, with its cobblestone streets and ancient monuments, now bears the spiritual imprint of those seeking knowledge through the Holy Grail. The official opening of the Way of the Holy Grail in Rome marks a significant chapter in the intersection of history, faith and personal exploration.

In conclusion, Alejandra Gonzalez’s pilgrimage to the most emblematic places of the Eternal City has left an indelible mark on the history of Rome and has established a new path for those seeking to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Grail. With the official opening of the Holy Grail Trail, Rome invites pilgrims and the curious alike to immerse themselves in a unique experience that fuses the spiritual with the historical in the confines of this eternally fascinating city.

Places to get your Pilgrimage Credential stamped are:

Basilica of San Lorenzo Outside the Walls (Fuori le Mura) – The resting place of the remains of St. Lawrence, archdeacon who sent the Holy Chalice from Rome to his homeland, Osca in Hispania. Papal Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica di Santa Maria Maggior) – In the Sacristy you have to show the Pilgrimage Credential to have it stamped. Taverna Le Coppelle – Show the Pilgrimage Card and ask for the pilgrim’s menu.

In the words of Alejandra González: – Travelling to Rome with the Pilgrimage Card transforms your experience of the “quest for the Holy Grail” in the eternal city.

Those who wish to travel to Rome and take a Pilgrimage Card with them should write an email to , once received, they will be given instructions on how to apply for it. We remind you that the pilgrim’s greeting of the Way of the Holy Grail is: Peace and Love with you. We answer: – Light is on the way.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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