The Board of Directors of the Cultural Association ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’ have decided to grant an award to the ‘Department of Tourism of Valencia’ along with ‘Visit Valencia’ in the category of “DISEÑO TURISMO” for their fine work in spreading useful information regarding the history of the ‘Holy Grail of Valencia’ and their support for the knowledge of the Path of the Holy Grail.

Its president, Dr. Ana Mafé states that “this year we have completed two decades of work and understanding, of union and research to publicize the historical layout of the most important relic of Christendom and which places Valencia, by frequency of jubilee years, as the third most important city of the planet after Jerusalem and Rome. Valencia is also very much present on the International Path of the Holy Grail as it is its final destination ”.

Don Jesús Gimeno Peris secretary has explained that, “…from the association we are working to make the ‘Way of the Holy Grail’ a European Cultural Itinerary and for this we have united synergies from civil society with countries like Italy and France as required by the Council of Europe. Valencia will therefore be the nerve centre of a European Cultural Itinerary thanks to the positive work that we are all doing, to highlight this wonderful  search for the Holy Grail, bringing out the best in us as people with a unique focal point, Valencia.”

The delivery ceremony was held in Valencia this Friday, December 16, by Don Jesús Gimeno with  Don Emiliano García, the councillor for Tourism at the Valencia City Council and Don Antonio Bernabé of ‘Visit Valencia both present. The Association added: “it has been a great honour to be able to deliver this recognition to them, knowing that with ‘Visit Valencia’ and with the ‘Department of Tourism of Valencia’, we are all working together to bring growth and development opportunities for our beloved city of Valencia.”

‘Visit Valencia’ has released a promotional video with the cinematographic figure of an Indiana Jones who recognized his mistake in placing the search for the Holy Grail outside the geographical scope of Valencia. In addition, they have launched a ‘geolocation’ game based on the history of the Holy Grail and collaborated with the Valencia City Council regarding the possibility that, during the jubilee year the association has a space for welcoming  pilgrims with what could also be a research centre (I + D ) regarding the sacred relic and its relevance in the region.

Among all those involved, a pilgrim’s path is being sown, of visitors and interested parties who can bring many joys to the city of Valencia, just as the Camino de Santiago has done with Galicia and Compostella.

Report by 24/7 Valencia

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