juan de juanes

1.Tell us something about the history of the restaurant and something about the life of Juan de Juanes…The restaurant was formed with the idea of ​​recovering and exploring cuisine at its most essential and ancestral, namely the union of product cooked with fire. The name of the restaurant and the street where it is located pays tribute to the Valencian Renaissance painter, who lived here in El Carmen. We want to reflect his relevance to the area and also the historical richness of the neighbourhood. Surely, Juan de Juanes bought the bread locally that was made in an oven like ours. He would have passed daily in front of the building where the restaurant is located, which already existed in his day.

2. Explain the relevance of the oven…The oven is the heart of ‘Juan de Juanes.’It is what gives meaning to our cuisine and where all the dishes of the menu acquire their personality.

3. What are your specialties? The most representative could be the ‘bone marrow’ or the ‘grilled steak’ because they are dishes where perhaps you can appreciate more the use of fire and smoke, as one more essential ingredient for each dish.

4. Do you have a good selection of wines? We have a winery that is always evolving with our menu. We look for wines that fit with our dishes and that truly complement them. Being advised by our sommelier is something that our customers always appreciate.

5. What is a typical menu? We offer a menu at noon that includes three appetizers, made with fresh and seasonal products, a main dish that is usually a choice of meat or baked or grilled fish and a dessert. On Sundays at noon, instead of a menu, what we do is a traditional baked roast as a special dish. This gives the restaurant a very festive and family atmosphere.

6. What are the products of the carta?
We always work with fresh products and the best quality. The best suppliers for us are those who take maximum care of the details in the production. As another requirement, we ask them to choose the best of what they have and to bring it to ‘Juan de Juanes’.

The best meats, the best fish and the best products of la huerta (the market garden) come to the kitchen of the restaurant, which is in view of our customers. They can see how the fire enhances and transforms their choice of food, so that they can truly enjoy their dish cooked in a way that is increasingly rare to find these days…



C/ Juan de Juanes, 2

Tel: 960 21 98 99



Zona Carmen

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 13h -16h / 20h -24h

Closed Monday & Tuesday

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