1. Tell us something about your background

I have always been passionate about drawing since I have had the use of reason. Although I started to work at a very young age to support the family, I was always combining this when I could with drawing and learning my craft and evolving every day.

2. What are your inspirations and influences as a cartoonist?

My influences continue to grow with age and include ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ (Mort & Phil), Marvel Comic Super Heroes, Manga Comics (Dragon Ball) as well as Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes and the adventures of Tintin and Asterix!

3. What is the future for cartoonists in Spain?

There is really not so much choice within the comic industry of Spain compared to abroad. However, independent editorials are doing a great job for Spanish writers and illustrators. That said, we are still not at the same level as France or Belgium…

4. Tell us about your interest in sports and music

I practice a lot of sport but basketball is one of my favourite due to my height (2 metres tall). I follow the ‘Valencia Basket’ team. Regarding music, I’m a big fan of classic rock, including AC/DC, Queen, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to name but a few…

5. What is a typical day for you?

I get up and I draw for assignments, do caricatures, illustrations for stories, drawings for my own projects as well as cartoons on current news stories. I then have something to eat and I also work at La Tasca (Escalones de La Lonja) as a waiter. It’s an emblematic place in the old town of Valencia, which you will find by the steps of La Lonja…

6. What are your projects for 2017?

I have quite a few projects going on this year, including the presentation of PLOC, a comic about a very odd pet (Top Secret). I’m also working on a compilation volume of 12 years of ‘Legión del Espacio’, which is a web comic together with Alfredo Álamo that has humour in the science fiction vein. I’m also developing my 4th volume of my own ‘Runninmen’ as well as collaborations for cartoons, video game and so on…

NothiNg caN stop RuNNiNmeN?

Click on the links for more of Fedde Carroza’a work:

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