24/7 Valencia: Could you please tell us about how ‘Mr Sanchez’ were formed and your music career and influences too…

Dario of ‘MR SANCHEZ’: The band was formed in London in 2017 by four Spanish musicians living there. We all came from different musical experiences and backgrounds, 90s rock being our common ground. In my case, I’ve been playing in bands in Spain since I was 16, being my first serious project “Feria de Monstruos” (“Freak Show”), a punk rock band formed in the late 90s. After moving to the UK in 2005, I joined [sub]NOVA, a British alt-rock/grunge band based in Sheffield. In 2011, I decided to quit the band and start a solo singer-songwriter project which would develop into my current band Mr Sanchez. Regarding my influences I would mention The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, Snow Patrol,  Joan Manuel Serrat, Luis Eduardo Aute, Antonio Vega, Maga, Los Planetas and Extremoduro.

How did living and working in London compare to Valencia?  London has its pros and cons if compared to Valencia. Work opportunities are obviously better, as well as the work ethics in general. There’s also a higher level of professionalism in music. The quality of life is better in Valencia though: food, climate and lifestyle in general.

Can you tell us something about your new EP, ‘RENACIMIENTO II’? “Renacimiento II” is the second part of our third LP. We tried to represent the band situation after coming back to Valencia. We felt that living here was like a “rebirthing”, like being born in the same place again: we were starting a new period in our lives in the same place where we were born. We used the concept of ‘Renaissance’ to represent that moment and give the whole album a conceptual approach. All songs talk about this idea but from its different meanings. For example, the first song “Dirección Madrid” is about experiencing romantic love at a more mature age, which is a sort of rebirth too.

Can we see you play live in Valencia in the summer? We played in Gandia on the 7th of June but we won’t be playing in Valencia until the 23rd of November when we’ll present “Renacimiento II” at Matisse Club with special guests Teseo 45.

Interview by Will McCarthy

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