The pandemic has sparked a rise in conscientious shopping and that, in turn, has transformed the vintage clothing business into a thriving industry. With vintage clothing continuing to be a part of a new generation of shopping, according to Statista, as of 2022, the global market value of secondhand and resale apparel was estimated to be worth 177 billion US dollars (or 162 billion EU euros). So, with vintage fashion now being a multi-billion dollar industry, it is unsurprising that Valencia, which already housed several vintage stores, has decided to further capitalise on this industry, by reviving the vintage scene.

The vintage shopping landscape in Valencia is more popular than ever with the resurgence of upcycled clothing materials and the global aim to ‘keep it green’. Valencia offers a fusion of retro fashion and contemporary style, making these vintage shops a common attraction for the younger Gen Z and Millennial generations. With the objective to find unique, original pieces of clothing that said youths can flaunt to their  friends and Instagram, and wanting to embrace a more sustainable approach, (what with the whole climate change calamity), vintage shopping in Valencia is turning over more revenue than ever before. Bridging the gap between the past and the present, individuals have the opportunity to curate their wardrobes with timeless elegance, eclectic fashion statements, and a touch of nostalgia, all while appreciating the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Vintage shopping in Ruzafa:

Ruzafa, a trendy neighbourhood in Valencia, offers a vibrant and artistic experience. With its bohemian atmosphere and mix of traditional and modern elements, Ruzafa’s vintage shops are housed in stylish, refurbished spaces that blend seamlessly with the neighbourhood’s edgy vibe. Here, you can discover a range of vintage clothing, retro-inspired accessories, second-hand designer pieces, and upcycled or customised items, catering to a contemporary and fashion-forward crowd. The selection reflects current fashion trends with a vintage twist, and the neighbourhood’s flea markets and second-hand stores provide opportunities for finding both high-end pieces and affordable bargains.

Vintage shop ‘LAKA -Cultural artifacts & Vintage’ offers a very retro, 3D take on fashion, greeting you impressively with a grand marble statue. The shop oozes bold colours, with the use of vibrant posters, emphasising their political position against fast fashion with the sign “fast fashion kills”. The layout is purposefully orchestrated, creating a minimalist approach, stripping down every section to stand out in a bold statement of fashion. Adding to the vintage quality, soothing jazz music by famous artist Chet Baker streams out from a classic amplifier, transporting you immediately to a 1950s jazz era.

Reborn Vintage, (Instagram handle: @_rebornvintage) displays a variety of patterned pieces, mainly light shirts and trousers. The shop embodies a more modern, sensual vibe, with an intricately designed, dim lit, crimson fitting room, adorned with mirrors and shelf decor. The hot pink mannequins display their vintage items boastfully, such as beautiful silk scarves. Reborn Vintage discusses the link between upcycling and sustainability in an insightful statement posted on their Instagram page:

Waste isn’t wasteful until we waste it: Upcycling is a creative way to reduce waste. Instead of using up new ones, we choose to reuse existing pieces from our vintage collection, giving them new looks, new possibilities, and reducing the fashion industry’s impact on our mother earth

 Aieclé & Lale Vintage Store (Instagram handle: @aiecle_lale_vintage), offer bespoke creatively designed clothing, namely their one-of-a-kind denim jackets. On display are a variety of old-fashioned, retro sports clothing with many well-known brands such as Adidas. Here it was discovered that most vintage shop owners go to vintage warehouses to pick out their vintage clothing, and also have direct independent business owners who they import their items from. They receive a large bag of randomised unwanted vintage clothing to choose from. Unlike fast-fashion companies, the owners hand-pick their items, making it a more personalised and meaningful experience for the customers. Therefore, not only is vintage clothing more durable, economical, and sustainable, (manufactured decades ago with high-quality material to withstand the test of time), but it is also more humanised and ethical.


Vintage shopping in La Ciutat Vella (the Old Town):

Vintage shopping in the Old Town of Valencia, also known as La Ciutat Vella, offers a nostalgic and traditional experience. With its narrow, winding streets, mediaeval buildings, and historical charm, the vintage shops here are located within traditional buildings, adding to the historical ambiance. In the Old Town, you’ll find a range of items such as antique furniture, vintage clothing, accessories, and collectibles. Some shops specialise in traditional crafts or unique items from a bygone era. The prices can vary widely, with antique shops offering higher-end items and other shops providing more affordable options.

The intimate shopping experience is enhanced by the deep knowledge and passion of the antique dealers who often share insights and stories about the items. Overall, vintage shopping in the old town allows you to immerse yourself in the rich history and timeless appeal of Valencia.

The Old Town offers a range of vintage clothing stores, particularly in the barrio of El Carmen. For example, Puro Vintage (Instagram handle: @puro.vintagestudio) offers an excellent selection of shorts, trousers, flannel shirts, and patterned shirts. Bugalú is proving to be very popular; a vibrant shop selling multi-coloured clothing garments. The store has a very quirky element to it and even sells vintage rucksacks and jewellery.

Vintaker (Instagram handle: @wearevintaker) is very high in demand lately, providing vintage and retro branded tops, such as Lacoste crop tops for women, Fred Perry t-shirts, and also create their own line of cute own branded clothing; displaying colourful Vintaker logo hoodies on their website, for example. Vintaker’s products are unique, selling only one item per size and model. What sets them apart from other vintage stores is the opposition to the saying “anything goes”, as they prefer to meticulously care for the selection of clothing, paying attention to the smallest details. And Vintaker upcycles as well. Most products that don’t meet their quality standards are reproduced through their line of clothing customisation and transformation. Vintaker makes a bold statement on their website:

“Vintaker is not just fashion; it’s a way of life, a means we use to reuse exclusive garments that are merely slightly outdated… we actively participate in recycling materials that would otherwise be discarded, thus avoiding overproduction of clothes.”


‘A Tale of Two Barrios’:

On a deeper level, the main difference between vintage shopping in Ruzafa and the Old Town lies in the atmosphere and the underlying culture associated with each area. Vintage shopping in Ruzafa represents a more contemporary and progressive approach to fashion and style. Ruzafa is known for its artistic and creative community, attracting designers, artists, and individuals with an avant-garde mindset. The vintage shops in Ruzafa often curate a selection that aligns with current fashion trends, blending vintage pieces with a modern twist. The emphasis is on creating unique and eclectic looks, often through upcycling or customisation. Ruzafa’s vintage shopping scene reflects a sense of exploration, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of fashion.

On the other hand, vintage shopping in the Old Town of Valencia embodies a sense of tradition, history, and nostalgia. The Old Town is steeped in centuries of cultural heritage, with its ancient architecture, narrow streets, and timeless charm. The vintage shops in this area showcase items that evoke a sense of the past, ranging from antique furniture to classic clothing and collectibles. The focus is on preserving and appreciating the craftsmanship, aesthetics, and historical value of these items. Vintage shopping in the Old Town allows for a deeper connection to the city’s heritage and a celebration of its enduring traditions.

Overall, Ruzafa embraces a progressive, artistic, and fashion-forward culture, while the Old Town embodies a reverence for history, craftsmanship, and the preservation of tradition. The choice between the two experiences depends on personal style, preferences, interests, and the desire for either a contemporary or nostalgic vintage shopping experience.

It is important particularly in these challenging times that we do our best to make these lifestyle choices, such as opting for vintage shopping over fast-fashion hauls. Albeit small, the choice of purchasing a singular, slightly more expensive, good quality item that will most likely last a lifetime and can be upcycled once again for future generations, over purchasing three, low quality items that you will most likely throw out by next season, will contribute to decreasing waste in the environment. It might only seem like a small action, but an accumulation of many small actions will amass to one large action: a movement, if you will, towards a more sustainable future. So, when, and if you can, choose to be sustainable. Choose Vintage.


Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Vintage Shopping’  photo copyright Melissa McCrow/ ’24/7 Valencia’


‘LAKA -Cultural artifacts & Vintage’

C/ de Cadis, 15,

46006, Valencia



Reborn Vintage,

C/ de Cadis, 37,

46006, Valencia



Aieclé & Lale Vintage Store,

C/ de Cadis, 30,

46005, Valencia



Puro Vintage,

C/ de la Pau, 28,

46002, Valencia




C/ de la Llotja, 6,

46001, Valencia



Pl. del Mercat, 25,

46001, Valencia


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