Valencia, known for its rich agricultural heritage and vibrant sports culture, is set to celebrate outstanding achievements in these domains through the esteemed Illustrious Awards. Organised by the Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports (RSVAD), these awards recognise the remarkable contributions of companies, institutions, and individuals dedicated to advancing agriculture and sports. As we approach the fifth edition of this prestigious event, let’s delve into the fascinating details and discover the winners who have been chosen for their exceptional merits. The Illustrious Awards, initiated just five years ago, have become a platform to acknowledge the multifaceted aspects of agriculture and honour professionals who strive to enhance the industry. This esteemed event not only celebrates agriculture but also emphasises the vital link between agriculture and sports, showcasing their combined significance in Valencia’s cultural fabric.

The RSVAD has announced the winners for the fifth edition of the Illustrious Awards, representing diverse sectors that have left a remarkable impact on Valencia’s agricultural and sporting landscapes.  This year’s deserving recipients are:


  1. Valencia Basket Femenino Merit in Sports

Recognising the achievements of the Valencia Women’s Basketball team, this award highlights their outstanding contributions to the world of sports.


  1. Colegio Imperial de Niños Huérfanos de San Vicente Ferrer: Welfare Merit

Acknowledging the institution’s significant role in providing assistance to orphaned children, this award applauds their efforts in fostering a caring environment.


  1. Escuela de Capataces Agrícolas de Catarroja: Institutional Merit

This accolade pays tribute to the School of Agricultural Foremen of Catarroja for their commitment to training and educating future agricultural leaders.


  1. Patatas Aguilar: Business Merit

Patatas Aguilar, a prominent enterprise, is recognised for its exceptional achievements in the agricultural business sector, demonstrating innovation and success.


  1. Asociación Profesional de Flores, Plantas y Tecnología Hortícola de la Comunidad Valenciana (ASFPLANT): Agricultural and Natural Environment Merit

ASFPLANT’s dedication to promoting the agricultural and natural environment, along with their commitment to floriculture and horticultural technology, has earned them this prestigious award.

The selection process for the Illustrious Awards is conducted by a jury comprising respected individuals closely associated with the Valencian Society of Agriculture and Sports. Their diverse expertise and extensive experience in the agricultural and sporting fields ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of the nominees.

The official award ceremony, a highly anticipated institutional event, is scheduled to take place in October 2023. It will serve as a platform to honour the winners and recognise their invaluable contributions. The Illustrious Awards not only bring well-deserved recognition to the recipients but also create a sense of camaraderie among professionals, fostering cooperation and inspiring further advancements in agriculture and sports.

Valencia’s Illustrious Awards have become a symbol of distinction and excellence in the fields of agriculture and sports. By honouring outstanding achievements, the awards celebrate the tireless efforts of individuals, institutions, and enterprises dedicated to improving these domains. As we eagerly await the upcoming ceremony, let us applaud the winners for their unwavering commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and progress in Valencia’s agricultural and sporting communities.

Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


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