##“There is always hope, as long as the canvases are empty”

The incredible, immersive Klimt exhibition has come to Valencia. The most magical hour of interactive paintings and seeing Gustav’s work come to life! To combat the declining interest in traditional forms of art, recent years have seen an increased fusion of painting, music and technology to create immersive environments aimed at new audiences. This has led to the creation of a fully immersive, captivating and dynamic experience.

Gustav Klimt is known as the Master of Gold, and famously said “when I paint, one of my greatest feelings of pleasure is the awareness that I am creating gold”. This exhibition submerges guests into the golden world of one of the most important Austrian artists from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The larger-than-life projections allow you to walk through his portraits and landscapes, analysing every gaze and gesture. This new way of viewing every detail and every brushstroke, you will feel as though you are inside the art itself.

In his early life, Gustav showed notable talent for the art of painting, his teacher suggested that he should continue his training at the Schools of Arts and Craft, which he did at the age of 14. Next to the immersive exhibition there is a room which outlines his Early Work, The Viennese Secession, The Viennese Workshops, The Golden Phase, Last Years of Life and Posthumous Fame. Alongside images of some of his most famous works and details of the inspiration and subjects themselves. The writing is presented in both English and Spanish.

However, the main attraction is the Immersive Experience. It begins with a brief introduction and explanation about the work, spoken in Spanish. And then the lights dim, exquisite classical music begins and thousands of moving images from Gustav’s work begin to show on the walls, floor and architectural features of the room. There are plenty of stools and bean bags scattered around the room to sit and watch or guests are allowed to stand and wander freely throughout the space. The room is also wheelchair accessible with plenty of space for several chairs to fit. As the moving projections and art changes, so does the music to fit the mood. It is easy to get lost within the elegance and evocative sensuality of Klimt’s work.

As the imagery comes to life, it is easy to forget where you are and feel transported into Klimt’s mind and heart. Seeing how each piece of work can fit into the next, seeing a story told as a whole & entwined rather than separate individual pieces.

Report and photos by Elizabeth Williams
Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Until August 15th
To discover the incredible golden experience yourself visit:

Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia,
Plaza del Ayuntamiento 18,
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 10:00h – 22:00h

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