##The vintage scene in Valencia is vastly present and growing. In streets such as C/ Colón and the hip barrios of Ruzafa and Carmen, there are vintage stores that have clearly developed their own brand and personality, which line the sidewalks. The recreation and selling of retro, edgy and bohemian styles that mirror images from the 1940s to the early 2000s, is an up-and-coming movement led by younger generations throughout the world. Valencia’s vintage presence runs parallel to those of Paris, London, and other parts of the globe, including large cities in the United States like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Finding vintage pieces that correspond with your own style and charisma is the most important part of vintage shopping. Luckily, Valencia has so many options that there is a spot for everyone to find their own groove and express themselves through clothing and other eccentric accessories.


Located on Colon Street (C/Colón), Santa Barbara Store is right in the hub of Valencia’s shopping district. As the crowds of C/ Colón populate the streets, its downstairs entrance can be hard to miss but, once you walk down its art-lined steps, you enter a beachy and relaxed atmosphere. The racks of clothes include retro bathing suits, a wide denim selection and vibrant patterns of brands like Adidas, Nike, and Levi’s. The coolest part? The music is always fun and upbeat, making shopping here a cool experience. On every item there are also classic songs written on the tags… a little detail that definitely correlates with this store’s vibe.

Address: nº2, Plaza Pinazos, 46004 Valencia (off C/Colón)
Phone: 630 14 81 33


Looking for original and funky pieces that will always stand out from the crowd? Soho Del Carmen is the perfect spot. It is tucked between the narrow roads of the historic Carmen district and its selection includes matching two pieces from the 1950s, flirty flapper dresses, and the coolest faux-fur accessories. The trendy staff at Soho is eager and always willing to help you find the perfect piece, and if this place wasn’t quirky enough, random bands and artists will even sometimes make a quick, live appearance!

Address: C/ Derechos, 33, 46001 València
Phone: 963 91 24 63


Just down the road from Soho Del Carmen, sits Sister Birkin! This quaint little store is characterized by pastel shades and soft fabrics. They have a large number of elegant, dainty and floral dresses perfect for the summer and all different occasions. Most of the selection is made for girls, with a few unisex pieces also incorporated. This is the perfect place to find a perfect outfit for a wedding, a late-night outing to a rooftop bar, or even a present for all the lady friends and relatives in your life! Can’t make it out to their actual location? Their website is wonderfully organized and always updated with all products.

Address: C/ Mantas, 10, 46001 Valencia
Phone: 961 15 47 65
Instagram: @sisterbirkin



Madame Mim is the perfect location for vintage newcomers, and even more so for those who are looking for something to set their classic wardrobe apart from other vintage options. This store has a very dark and artsy charisma to it, and is different in the way that it sells clothing, as well as old record players, sewing machines, suitcases, costumes and other trinkets. The clothing selection is very old-style European with pieces mimicking royal and pristine styles. This spot is enchanting in the way that once you step in; you can’t help but be amazed by the historic value of the pieces, which creates an enchanting kind of mysteriousness. To acquire any of these pieces would be an absolute privilege.

Address: Calle Puerto Rico, 30, 46006 Valencia
Phone: 963 25 59 41



What’s better than wearing vintage pieces? Decorating your house with them! Ruzafa Vintage is unique in the way that it is a consignment store that sells everything from lamps to rugs to ornate mirrors! Stepping into this store definitely feels like stepping into a blast from the past, and getting the chance to purchases such exclusive and alluring pieces that anyone who comes into your home will be dying to have.

Address: Calle Puerto Rico, 33, 46006 Valencia
Phone: 657 19 12 24


Also located in the young and stylish barrio of Ruzafa, Petticoat Vintage Lab is a Valencian vintage spot that cannot be missed. The character of this store is refreshingly traditional, as it easy to navigate through the store, and they have anything your vintage-loving heart desires! Brands like Converse and Levi’s give this store a very classic approach to retro styles. From embroidered denim to patterned scarves, this store is a wonderful pick in the way that you are always bound to find what you are looking for and not be overwhelmed by too many choices.

Address: C/ Sueca, 36, 46006 València
Phone: 963 41 64 78

By Sarah Medrano

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

Photo ‘Sister Birkin’

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